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My dear ones, this is a time when many of you are feeling the effects of the changes that are taking place in your bodies and fields. You are laughing, crying, depressed, and joyous, and in most cases arenít sure why you are feeling the way you do at any given time. You may find that the familiar circumstances are not bringing about the usual responses and feelings, and you are puzzled as to what it going on.


Allow me to tell you that this is all part of the generational reflux of the old memories that are being triggered by certain events, people, and timing in your present day. These feelings are not necessarily the result of what your life is like now, and as long as you are aware of that you will be able to allow these memories and feelings to flow on out, leaving more space within your field for the Light to fill.


When I say generational reflux I refer to the fact that much of what you feel and how you react in any given situation most of the time is born from the genetic influence that has for a large part governed much of your action through life. Through these early conditionings of childhood, carried out by the influences of family life and history, as well as other lifetimes, you have set up a patterning that trails through your life and reveals itself to the masses as just another way that you take after a member of your family.


What we see and what we suggest that you acknowledge is that you are in the process of clearing out all of the triggered reactions and replacing them with a space that holds great potential for living in the moment. With the Light that flows into that space and shines forth from your countenance, you are giving yourself a whole new place from which to respond. You are honoring that inner you that has been dormant for so long and is now springing forth to light your way through these next times.


You will be able to learn to live your life in a way that honors who you are and what you desire and intend for your life. You will find more and more that you are living that truth that till now you have alluded to only once in a while and now are able to access on a more constant basis. Allow the time and the momentum to set its own rate, for it is your comfort zone that is being challenged.


When you feel that you can take no more and want to run from the process, but feel helpless because you know you canít, then surrender to it, and allow yourself to be guided to whatever it is that you are inspired to. That is the way of the Light Warrior and that warrior within you, especially right now, is full of love for your journey and for the intent to come through with a light step and a joyous heart.


The holiday time is a powerful time for old patterns and memories to surface. When they do, take yourself to a place of quiet, a place of joyful fun, one of peaceful activity, anything that brings you to a place within that says that you are living the moment and you will allow only the truth of that moment to be in your world. If you push against that which is coming at you for recognition and that doesnít feel good, then stop for a moment and send whatever it is as much love as you can, and then take yourself to a place within of gratitude for your own self-love. If you canít find that self-love, then find love for someone/thing else and wear it as if it is you, for it is, you know.


Everything is a reflection of you, just as you are a reflection of everything else. You are not alone in the world, ever. You are in love and in gratitude for who you are and for being here today. There is nothing that you cannot do, and as you go about doing that which you choose, you are giving yourself a package all tied up in beautiful, rainbow ribbon. Donít put it under the tree and wait until that day in the future when someone else says it is time to unwrap it. Enjoy it when you want to, for the gifts are endless. There is no time like the present to reap what you have sown, so take that step, and the next and the next when they come along and know that at the end of that rainbow of steps is the gift that leads to the constant procession of gifts that you give to yourself, through that Spirit that lives within.


Thank you for offering me the opportunity to lighten your heart and gladden your soul, for I feel what you feel and I love every moment of You. I am Avenda, and I sing to you a song of Joy and Thanksgiving.


Thank you dear Avenda,

Love, Nancy Tate