Morning Wakeup Call Message
November 27, 2002


Good morning, I am Lotar, and I greet you this fine day. I wish to tell you of an event that happened on Jupiter this very day. Of course you realize time does not fall here as it does on earth. I use the term for your benefit.

During a divisionary period of thought and time, the beings on Jupiter joined with several beings of Intergalactic space and decided on a course of action to be implemented in the event of a nuclear invasion of earth by any of the earthlings. I state it as such because it would indeed be an invasion of Mother earth, as you see her. She is a being as well, and to bring the energy of nuclear warfare to her beingness would most definitely be an invasion.

We are prepared to intervene and negate any action that the people of earth may take in that regard. You must be protected against yourselves, not only for yourselves, but for the galaxy as well. There would be consequences that would come about in the event of a nuclear war, and this must not take place; the consequences would be too great.

So we are prepared to stop any action that would be taken by the dissolution and defusing of the technology, and the removal from the planet of the offending people. These people would be taken to a place of rehabilitation, and they would be given the opportunity to become friendly members of a galactic society.

You on earth have expressed a majority intent to establish peace on earth, and to further your life expressions toward an evolution of lightbody status. Therefore we are standing in readiness to assist in any further intervention that may be necessary. You have given us the allowance through the decision to go beyond yet another destruction of civilization of your planet.

We on Jupiter are ready to instruct any beings who choose the methods of training and rehabilitation that we offer in the way of furthering your evolvement. There are training facilities that will enhance your abilities to operate in a full galactic society. There have been many advances here on Jupiter, and we are a center for learning in the family of our solar system and into the galaxy as well.

We have facilities for training in the electro-magnetics of the earth, and how they are changing to fit in with the rest of the solar system. You can learn of the medical evolvement of the galaxy. This is not as you know medicine on earth; in fact we do not refer to it as medicine, but as restoration. There have been recent advancements in the ability to co-operatively manifest with the rest of the galaxy in a moment, that which is receptive to all in the intent. This means that instant communication happens between beings many millions of light years apart. These are only a part of the resources that are in place here on Jupiter. When your society supports the travel to this and other planets, this will all be at your disposal.

You are our family; we are readying your return to the fold, as you may say on earth. There is a tremendous celebration taking place for the reunion, which has already started for some of you. Yes, there are those who have been removed from earth, and are enjoying the return to the family from which they have strayed for so long. They too are cheering you on with a song in their hearts and joyful intent for your awakening and return to your cosmic family of choice.

I close this communication now and return to the ones who have returned to the hearth. We together send you the love and compassion that you so readily receive. There will be a coming home that will unequal all others. I send you blessings, and they are lined with gold. I am Lotar, and I salute you.