Morning Wakeup Call Message
November 14, 2002


A fine morning this is indeed! I am Lotar, and I greet you this beautiful day with a song in my heart and a smile on my face, for this is a day of jubilation on the planet Jupiter.

We are most joyful, for we can see the activity reflected in the glow that beams from planet earth as we gaze upon its countenance. We have learned of the attempts that certain groups on your planet have put forth in order to carry out the Light that is the factor for peace. We see the strength that is building toward the eventual running over of the joyfulness that will match ours, and the rest of the solar system and galaxy as well.

We advise the continuation of the work you do for the rest of the family. We commend you for the awakening realization that the only recourse you have in this situation you find yourselves in is to take back the state of perfection that has for so long eluded you.

As we see the changes going on there on the earth, we also, in the rest of the solar system are undergoing change in our neighborhood. There is a great housecleaning going on, and we are all benefiting, for we will be enjoying our own seat in the Galactic Federation in a manner that bespeaks the coming together in harmony of all of us. Yes, we will sit beside you there, as well.

Heaven is planning a grand reunion, and all of the family will gather to talk of the next step toward the furthering of our homeland in ascension. There is much to rejoice over, and much to gather together in the way of advancement opportunity. When a family comes together for a grand reunion, there is much merriment and laughter in the sharing. Then at some point the crowd gets down to the business of plotting the mechanisms of the coming moments.

There is so much for you to learn, my family, so much you will be remembering. We are gathering to be of service to this great awakening, and the carrying forth of the rebirth to the Galactic Society. Here on Jupiter, we are preparing a hall of learning that is the epitome of the great halls of learning in the Celestial School, as well as those on earth. There will come a time when you will be traversing the solar system, the galaxy, and even the universe in the pursuit of your knowingness, and beingness evolution.

Till then, my dear family, go on and do your tremendous work in the energy of the advancement to your ascension. There is no wrongdoing that does not reflect the perfection of the result it will bring. When you find yourself in the side-taking and raise your fists at the enemy, you do so in the forgetfulness that keeps you captive in the game you have created in service to yourselves and the universe.

Continue to walk in the Light that shines all around and through you, and you will find that the way to your freedom is just ahead on your horizon. All of us here in this grand audience are cheering you on, and sending you all the Light and Love we feel for the family that carries out their final mission in this phase of the ascension of the earth and its people.

God Bless each and every one of you. Till next time, I am Lotar, and I bid you a grand and glorious day.