Morning Wakeup Call Message
November 4, 2002


On a morning in 1962 there was a great war among the peoples of the world. This war took the lives of many. Due to the incidence of many vocations of violence there was an outstanding of contact between the remaining people. This lead to the Powers Act, that enabled the people to construct the necessary regime in order to survive the pollution that permeated the air all around the globe. This forced the people underground for the remainder of their lives.

This scenario I have just given you, is one of the realities that was created, and still is being played out in the dreamlike time of the fears of the people about the threat of the atomic bomb. I am Kryon, and I give to you the playing out of the collective fear in manifestation.

Even though this is not the reality that you live in, it is very real to the people who live it in the other reality. Their lives are filled with the memories of the life they used to have on the surface, before their world became a living hell. Their numbers are small, and their hopes for a better world they left on the surface. Theirs is a life of constant battling for survival. Many have taken their own lives; many have been killed by marauding bands of renegades who roam the corridors of underground tunnels that connect with all the underground facilities. Occasionally they send a group to the surface to monitor the quality of the air and the soil. These people do not spell out the high degree of nuclear fallout that is still present, for to do so would be to have to tell them that there will be no chance of being able to sustain life on the surface for many generations to come.

Because there are enough people on the earth who have the wisdom to realize the result of the destruction by nuclear war, this has not happened in this reality. There are those who would choose to forget that fact and send the charge of annialation in the amnesia and denial of the truth. Those people are not going to be able to play out the scenario that has been outlined. These people are Gods in Amnesia, just as you all are. They are playing the parts they have come here to play, just are you are. Giving them the co-operation of the Light is the way to play the part to the ultimate outcome of peace on the planet. This is the happy ending that is so loved by the majority of the people of the world.

Yours is the decision to carry on in the Light that brings the whole into the oneness that carries the present reality into the new blessingness of the new energy. Your choice to shine your light strong and sure create a reality that is so blessed that it releases that other reality from its bondage. Those lost souls will be allowed to let go of their fear and come into oneness with this peaceful loving free state that you create here in this Garden of Eden we have been calling the New Jerusalem.

Gather yourselves together in your peace marches and your rallies for the freedom from tyranny, and you will be playing out the release from the fear that keeps the other realities from coming into yours. You are the salvation of your species and it is grand to see from our side of the veil. We watch and offer our Love and Light to every moment that you carry forth in your wakefulness. You are the coming dawn of the new Light that reigns freely over the land and creates Heaven on Earth.

I give to you a song of truth and of love and compassion. The song is sweet, and you have sung it to us in your glorious joy. The chorus rings strong and sweet in the words of the glory that is you, is truth, is Love.

And so it is.