Morning Wakeup Call Message
November 26, 2002


In the course of human events it sometimes becomes possible to pull the wool over the eyes of a nation. Sometimes it is a fluke of nature that there is only one possibility and that is of success. That is the case in this instance. Good morning, I am Kryon, and I wish to say that there is a great deal of possibility that is happening at this time for the development of a peaceful state within these times and places.

I wish to impart to you a consideration of a relevant action to the peace that lives within each and every heart on this globe. Yes, I say every heart, for there is a degree of peace within all people whether they are living it or not. When one reaches inward and finds that bit of peace, they have made a step toward the furtherance of a peaceful state of being.

I tell you of an event that is being perpetrated at this time in the annals of the historical precedents of the day. There is before congress at this time a bill that would give the Supreme Court jurisdiction over future events of a nuclear nature in this country and beyond. This bill has been created and brought forward by a few visionaries, and presented to the constituents of the mighty dollar, that is to say, the people who control the majority of the wealth in this country.

When this bill comes up for debate, there will be an historical announcement that will take place within the floor of the Senate and the House. This announcement will hold such clout with the people that there will be no room for doubt of the outcome. This will propel most of the men and women of the congress, into their places of voting and merit their speaking for the advent of a nuclear-free society.

I tell you this because it is a dream that the rest of us in the cosmos have had. This is a cosmic dream that has been years in the making. When I speak of a dream, and time as it relates to the cosmos, of course you must realize I speak in abstracts, for there is no time here, only energy and the ability to bend time as we see it. When we see events in a dream-like fashion, we are seeing a reality that has already occurred in the moment. It is a dream that has been going on in the hearts of many of you on earth, and therefore it has been a reality we have been able to tune in to and try on as a possibility for all of the human race. This is the energy by which we have seen that you are ready for the coming times of peace and power within the sovereignty of the moment.

Do you see what I refer to as the coming times? This is the stamp you put on your reality everytime you have a dream of peace and plenty. You create the essence of peace everytime you hold it in your intent for a moment of passion. You create the very dreams we experience, and you bring into manifestation the reality of the dreams we sit here and watch.

You have such power; you have such might. We hold you in awe as we see all the wonders that you withstand. We are as proud parents and aunts and uncles, as we stand here and see all the power that is expressed in the everyday comings and goings on your planet. Then we watch as the clock ticks down to the final curtain, and we wonder at the beauty of it. Even though in your estimation there in your dramas on earth, there is no peace on earth, we see the rest of the story. We see the whole of the peoples rising up and taking their peace back into their own hands and running full out with it to the ends of the earth and back. The banner that streams forth from the running shouts out the words, “We are the warriors of peace and good will toward all! Amen.”

And so it is.