Morning Wakeup Call Message
November 19, 2002


Good morning world; I am Kryon and I greet you with a love and compassion that multiplies everytime I think of you. There is a resemblance between the powers of the mind and the energies of the soul. This is the development of the auspices of the evolvement of your species.

To think of the mind as a tool of learning is but the tip of the iceberg. On this tip sits the knowledge that is put into everyday use, and carries you well through your lives. Below the surface lies another story altogether. There lies the secret to the continuation of the species to the state of ascension.

Below the surface is the state of being that garners the tremendous abilities of the ultra-mind to the potential of the energies of Spirit. Within these energies lies the ability to generate the desirabilities of the heart, and to bring those into manifestation. Between the point of desire and manifestation lies the area of intent and Spiritual creation.

When you give yourself to the energies of creation, you give yourself to the energies of God. You are God. This is the expression of your true nature. Your mind is the arena in which this is formulated. Within the mind is the ability to manifest whatever it is that is focused upon. This is the reason behind the manifestation of some of the undesirable, even unintentional manifestations in your life. The mind knows no judgment in its creation, only that the frequency of the desire has ordered that which is presented to the mind. If it is expressed in a manner of absolutes it comes about in a quickened state. This is the energy behind the saying, be careful what you wish for, for you shall surely get it.

Creation is the origin of all matter, coupled with the mind of God and the desire to manifest itself in a form that can express the nature of itself. When you go to sleep at night, you cover a broad spectrum of allowances to the form of expression of God. There is no limitation in the avenues of the dreamtime. It is within the dream state that the possibilities of manifestation are tried out, and explored. Also it is a time of working through issues of the daytime. You are in form and limitlessness in another dimension in your dreams. The removal of your awake consciousness allows for that true nature to be expressed more fully.

Combining all these factors is the state to which you are moving at this time. There will be no separation of the limitedness of the trueness of your being. It will be as if you walk around in a dream state with your eyes wide open and your mind fully alert and focused. You will know what it is you desire, and manifest it at the same instant. There will be complete and utter love and compassion in your peaceful and joyful existence on the planet, and in the heavens, for it all will be as the One it is.

There will be no death; there will be no trials and tribulations, for that part of your expression is coming to a close. You will find that the truth of who you are will be the expression in which you live your lives every moment. It will not be boring. You will not want for stimulation, for it will all be as you desire and intend. You will find that there is no limit to the wonders you will accomplish and experience.

The celestial event that has taken place this past eve is the harbinger of the newest expression of the heavens to the continuation of your ascension. Yes, the stars and the planets are in expression with you, for there is your family, and there is your home, as surely as you now live and work on this wonderful planet Earth. You will find that you will be expanding your horizons and overcoming the amnesia that has served you so well. This is the threshold upon which you release a tremendous amount of emotion and energy that is no longer useful to you. This celestial event has come to assist you to clean house and start with a clean slate in the coming months. From this point you will find that you are going to have to move forward with a lighter gait and a joyful manner, or fall behind on the evolutionary ladder. That does not mean that you will not reach the top rung; just that you would be one of the last to get there.

This is time of moving forward and leaving the past behind. To look at each moment as the one and only one there is, is to follow in the footsteps that you have already set before you in your dreamtime. To try and hold on to the energies that brought you to this point is to find the hazards of the repetition of the past. This is a brand new day, and the way will be easy for you by just letting go and asking that God show you the way to the next step. Realize that the God you speak to is right there with you leading you all the time. Your moment of destiny is every moment, no matter how it looks to you. That is the moment that is serving you in its most Divine. Realize that from this point it is all up to you and you have glorious knowledge and wisdom. You will go far, and you will prevail in the halls of justice and the halls of extreme learning of the ways of heaven. For you create in your world. You create the same world you dream of, and you are the God of your dreams. Together with the whole of the One, you will ride into the sunset of a brand new sunny day and it will be grand.

I am leaving this time in a great deal of emotion, for my job as magnetic master is almost over. There is a part of me that will be leaving to go to the next call of love and purpose. There is a part of me that will never leave, as long as you desire my staying. For you are my family and I am in service to you all. We are one and I wash your feet with my tears and my love of you all. As I slip behind the veil a part of me feels the tug of nostalgia, while the other part that goes nowhere, rejoices and dries the tears of the other in its embrace. Did you know that to embrace oneself is tremendously healing? I do it all the time, to carry me through my purpose. Give yourself a hug this day, and find the treasure of yourself.

And so it is.