Morning Wakeup Call Message
November 11, 2002


There is a disturbance on the other side of the globe this day, and that disturbance bespeaks the element of destruction that is prevalent among the poor people of the world. Good morning, I am the energy of the Kryon, and I come to you in the capacity of the whole.

The disturbance I speak of is one of many factors and elements of surprise, determination, and being a party to the whispers of the genetics of a race long past. This is manifesting itself in the face of war among the soldiers of the British Empire. There is a pocket of these people who have found reason to war against themselves, though they know not that is what they do. They see their skirmish as a rebellion against the tyranny that is prevalent in their villages, and they will not endure it any longer.

These people have encountered an energy of battle, and are fulfilling the memory that has come forward of a long-standing opposition to the control that was established in antiquity. These soldiers are in essence fighting the same battles that their forefathers and those before them fought in the name of the suppression of the elders of the villages.

I tell you this now in order to give you an example of how the energy of the past influences the energy of the present. You carry it all within your beingness. When certain events trigger these ancient memories, the result is often the reliving of the events. This represents that that energy is coming forward to be cleared out and transmuted to the sovereign energy of love and peace, which is the natural state of Spirit.

When you carry out the events that come to the front in your daily lives, you are carrying out the memories that have not been resolved in the eyes of the love energy. These energies are presenting themselves to the experience of potential in order to come to the peaceful resolution. In turn this peace can then manifest itself in the constant of eternal bliss, and be ever at your bidding for awareness.

You can carry this energy into the present circumstances of your life. This can be the motivating force that creates a peaceful world. It starts with you and ends with you. It is a constant that carries itself forever in the energy of peacefulness. Finding the love in every circumstance is the way to that peacefulness. When the event is saturated in the love you present, you have created the perfection that is of Spirit.

You are all bright shining stars, and you carry with you the spark of Divine intercession. You have that ability to make a difference in your world. I encourage you to step forward in that spark and allow it to grow to the flame that cleanses and restores the beauty that lives at the heart of all creation.

I wish for you a grand day and a truckload of blessings. You are the epitome of all that is Holy. I bid you good day and I wash your feet.

And so it is.