Morning Wakeup Call Message
November 22, 2002


Good morning, I am Diaclosities, and I bring you a message of truth and daring in the world of the in between. This is a world that is comprised of the often-shattered dreams of you on earth in the reality that you exist in. The often-shattered dreams are the ones that were ill bred in the first place; the ones that bore no fruit of the Spirit, as you might say.

In this world lies the truth of the ages of time and space, for here is the culmination of all the vast array of unwise decisions, according to your perspectives. Here we are again at the world of vagaries. Remember how Iíve told you of the choices you make and how they form your world? Well these are the cast off parts of those choices. Once they are formed and made manifest as a possibility, then they are either chosen as a reality of your perception, or relegated to this world of non-useful choices.

Everything you have intent for, and investigate within your mind has been created in one form or another. When you decide to go a certain way and express in that way, that leaves the other possibilities behind. This is what happens to them, they get relegated to this place.

So what happens from here, from this point, you wonder? I tell you that there is no destruction of this energy. It remains here until there is thought and intent for another manifestation of like energy. Then it is drawn forward by that like energy and changed to another manifestation for choice. There is recycling, on a grand scale. Did you think that recycling is a new concept? It is as ancient as is creation.

There is another point I would like to make while we are sort of on the subject. And that is that there is a whole wide array of manifestations in your realty that gets changed because of otherís perceptions. This happens while they are in your reality; they do not get relegated to another reality. This comes about through the semblance of energies of the host of the intent, and the eventual recipient of the manifested intent. It does not have the opportunity to float around until it gets to the other reality; someone latches on to it and manifests it in their reality. This is called simultaneous reality confirmation in our level. This is another form of recycling, but on a scale that represents the similarities of you humans.

You work together so well at times; that it is almost as though you are one in thought and deed. This represents the soul groups that work closely together, and mimic each otherís thoughts at times. There are times when these events happen on differing sides of the globe. Yet so strong are your soul ties that this sort of co-operative intent can happen, and very often does.

We are seeing that sort of thing taking place right now on your earth. Because of that there are goings on within your species that seem as a mirror to each other. It is so; that is the energy behind the similar activities that are keeping the various energies going. That is the way it has been forever on your planet reality. There is something that can happen when the people as a whole start to manifest not only the original intent that is manifested by choice, but by the manifestation of the cast-off intent energy that is picked up by another and utilized as manifestation. This can be, and is starting to be a simultaneous manifestation. That is, that someone on one side of the globe will make a choice; the other intent energy will be picked up and the original energy that is being manifested will be reflected in the intent of the other person by the manifestation of the intent he puts into it. This is the result of the instant communication of the two people, through the energy grid.

This is how peace can happen on your planet. One person with a strong intent for peace can send that energy through the grid, and someone on the other side of the globe can pick up the discarded intent energy, which may be for less than peace, and recognize the potential of the discarded energy for the peace he feels in his heart. Then he will pick it up and not choose the other intent energy he had been toying with, the other choice he could have made. And on it goes, around the globe, till all of the intent energy is for peace.

This is how it works my brothers and sisters. This is how a peaceful planet is born in the free choice realm. We in this other reality of earth are watching your progress and cheering, for we see that more and more people are manifesting the intent energy for peace. When your reality reaches a certain degree of peaceful manifestation, then our reality will meld with yours, and the oneness will be complete between our two realms.

What a homecoming we will have! You will find a strength that has heretofore been unequaled in the history of the planet. For this is the first time this particular manifestation has come round here. We have the potential to be human beings in our Lightbody status walking around on earth. And it shall be done; and it shall be manifest.

I go now to my seat of watching and cheer you on in your ministrations of the reality choices you make. Remember, for every choice you make, there is a counter-choice. So kiss that leftover choice good by and God speed to another choice of peace.