Morning Wakeup Call Message
November 21, 2002


It is a fine day to be alive and well on planet earth! Good morning, I am Diaclosities, and I have a message of plenty for you all. There is an upcoming storm of protest over the continuation of the energy of deceit. This protest will likely stir the cries of “enough” to cries of “I will overcome”.

Here in this other reality of the ministrations of your earth, I am pleased to reveal to you the other side of the coin. While you in your reality have still harangued everyone into the belief that there is no sense in even trying to come up against the odds of the overtaking of the power of the many, there are some who have fallen away from that energy and come into the innate reasoning of your ability to grab back your own power. This is recognized here as a walking between the worlds, as one lightworker there would coin a phrase.

We see here that there are small bands of individuals all over the globe that are working in the energy of change; and I am talking big change. This is the kind of change that bespeaks a uniting to us here in this realm. It is a change that tells us that our ministrations are counting here. We have been seeing that there is a diversity among the people in your reality that mimics the energy in our realm. When the similarities become more aligned, then we will find a blending of the two realms will begin.

Due to the similarities, we are in a process of flux ourselves. Due to our innate ability to hold our light, we are not slipping into your energy, as you are slipping into ours. We are finding an increased incidence of the oneness in the energy of love that prevails here. The changes that abound here from this occurrence are subtle. One such change is in the feeling that we have a deeper sense of who we are. This is the result of the blending of the aspects of ourselves in each realm, and a merging of the two perceptions. You see, there is another you here where we live, and there is another us where you are. It is the stronger of the two that will prevail. We are holding the light and living within it in a strong, sure fashion, and you are feeling the results.

When you hear the soft whispers that move you forward in the energy of love and compassion, it is us. When you rejoice in the simplicity of a flower in full bloom, it is us. When the totality of the love for your state of being overwhelms you, and you find tears slipping down your cheeks, it is us calling to you to remember who you are in the fullness of yourself. We look to the time when the unitedness is complete. We are preparing the table before you in the presence of Thine enemy, and declaring the enemy gone. You shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever; and we will be you and we will be whole, and all of creation will sit by our side and rejoice.

So my dears, and myselves, we are preparing for the coming home of the angels, and we are readying the home we reside in for your arrival. It is a grand and glorious garden, and we stir the pot of love and plenty to keep the energy flowing. For this is our hour and this is the day of coming together of the promises we made to each other. All the pieces of ourselves will be in harmony, and the rest of the world will see the scarcity of the other side of the coin. Then they too will remember and come back to home and rejoice along with all of us. It will be sweet, and it will be fair, and we’ll ride the train all together to infinity.

I bid you a fine day in heaven, and accompany you in your dreams of plenty and peace and love for all. Good day and good travels in the realms of the One. I am Diaclosities, and I salute you.