Morning Wakeup Call Message
November 6, 2002


Good morning, I am Baldor once again, and I bring you today a continuance of the previous message in the time of the past remembrances. These are the times that try menís souls, someone once said. And these are the times of the revolution of the ideas of man.

I am in a position here in the energies of Orloff, to bring you a story of the history of this planet concerning the devastation that was wrought in a similar time such as yours. However, I will not be doing that today. Today I will bring you the tale of the undertaking that was accomplished in the name of peace and joy for the planet.

As I have told you in other messages, this species here on Orloff is one of extreme density. This had to be the energy in which we survived, for the continuance of our species depended on a greater gravity than had been before we were expelled from our mother universe. When this became the cornerstone of our civilization, we traveled through time to the confines of the planet known as Intelact, which was in a far corner on the other side of a galaxy far on the other side of your universe.

On this planet at one time was an example of how the species could live in a greater gravitational field. The trouble was that the species were not able to continue in that energy, and called upon the Confederation to assist them to another energy. They found they had to be transported to another planet during the transitory period, and then were taken back to Intelact when the transformations were complete. They now follow a path of life that matches the energies of the remainder of their galaxy.

We were given access to their records and discovered a few facts that had bearing on the failure to adapt and the reasons for the necessity to transform to the present energy. With this knowledge, we returned to the time we had traveled from and applied that knowledge to our history and information, and were eventually able to come up with a formula for perpetuating our species in this greater gravity. This is when we started the change of the greater degree of density.

You see, everything is according to a mathematical formula. This was found to be a formula that the ones on the other planet had not as yet been able to comprise. They were not figuring in the totality of existence, which included a few equations that took them outside of the universe, and into the one we came from. So, with our equations, and their formulas, we made a match that spelled success for us.

I tell you this story in order to show you how if you go outside of your present known existence, you can most probably come up with a formula for success. This is what you my friends on earth can benefit from doing. Go outside the existing reality, and find the equation that matches with the knowledge you have. In that you can find success to the peacefulness that you have not as yet created on your planet. Oh, you have found pockets and moments of peace, but you have not found that formula for the state of mind that spells a peaceful existence in a continual fashion.

There are countless examples all through existence of the degree of success of the design of the creator. This has been one of them. I do not tell you that there is no slippage once in a while of our ability to keep the Light strong and sure here on Orloff. I do tell you that the formula for the success in revisited and re-strengthened as often as we see is necessary. This is a renewal of the intent for a peaceful planet and a life that represents the devotion to the Creator and its expression that we are.

We are most pleased to be in the position of friend and fellow beings in this wondrous time in your evolution as a sovereign planet of sentient beings. We applaud you r moves and your directions in the cause of peace, love and compassion. We see a joyful existence is beyond the threshold on which you now stand.

I leave you now, and wish you the merriest of days. I am Baldor and I salute you.