Morning Wakeup Call Message
November 5, 2002


Good morning, I am Baldor, and I wish to tell you of a story of love and the treasure that it brought to a student of the hierarchy of faith. This began back in the dark ages when all was secret and hidden. There was a person of the cloth, a mere intern, who wanted to become a nun of the highest standing. She was a poor peasant girl who shared a home with seven brothers and sisters and her parents.

This girl, who we will call Maria, gave to her friends in the village all that she ever came by in the way of material goods; even her food she shared with those who were less fortunate. One day the pastor of the village rectory came to her and asked if she would like to lead the sermon the next Sunday.

Maria was ecstatic! She began to compile the words for the message and imbued them with the love she felt for her little village. All the kind deeds she had ever done were remembered and put into the message by way of the energy of abundance that they represented. All of the wonders that she has ever beheld in the beauty of the countryside was recalled and deposited in the message. All the wonderful sharing that she had ever experienced with the people of the village went into the message, and it was fairly glowing with its content.

The morning came and Maria stood on the steps of the church, staring at the massive doors. She could not move; she knew not why. Her feet seemed glued to the stone steps, and her body was frozen in time. Deep within her heart she cried for the release that would allow her to move and go into the church to give the morning’s blessings.

Still she could not move. She cried silently to God who always came to her calling. “Why am I paralyzed so? Am I not ready for your bidding? Am I so ignorant of your word that it eludes me still?”

“As she stood, head bowed and heart trembling, a great, soft, loving voice rose from her temple deep within and whispered for her ears only, “You are the salvation of your own world. These are the words of the mighty. Go in and tell the people of their inheritance. Tell them they are the people of the Lord, and they are the children of the Creator of the All. This is my proclamation to the assembly, that they are the wonders of the world, and they can stand on their own two feet in the Light of the Source of their strength and freedom from the tyranny that is upon them.”

The voice spoke with the sincerity of the truth of the ages. It spoke of the wonders of the messenger of the truth of the abilities of the people in their faith and their understanding of the law of God. The message Maria was given was the spark that would Light up the congregation and send them into their day with the faith to move mountains and end the tyranny of the times.

There was one last word that Maria heard that morn as she readied herself to step forward into the church. “There is a mighty sword that will come down on the earth and rid the people of the oppression they live in. This sword is the one with the blade of fire. The fire is the flame of the truth of the strength that is found in the simplicity of the Glory that is God. Within that flame lies the secret to the eternal peace that is the birthright of all of god’s children. Each and every one of you carry that sword, and you have the ability to send it forth into the heart of the oppressor and watch as the healing takes place. You are my truth and my lambs, and you have the ability of my strength and my wisdom, for you are as I Am, and I Am as You.

Maria’s eyes filled with tears of joy and her heart overflowed with the peace that was restored in that moment. She felt a new lightness about her, and she moved one foot and then another. Then she danced up the steps and the massive doors seemed to fly open of themselves. She floated through the doorway and down the aisle to the alter. There she saw nestled there among the papers on the alter a beautiful tiny sword that glowed with a Light that lit up the whole room.

As she stood and gazed at the villages she picked up the sword and held it high. The blade intensified in its glowing, and soon the entire sword had grown to be four feet long and cast its light over the whole of the congregation and beyond.

I from my home here on Orloff saw a glow in the heavens that grew and grew in intensity, till finally I saw in its glow the face of a sweet innocent maid, surrounded by hundreds of jubilant faces. I knew that I was seeing a miracle, and the miracle was mine and was yours, for it is the miracle that is there for the living in all of us. You can see that miracle reflected back at you at any time you choose.

I am your brother and I tell you now that I love you and I see the faint glow of your sword of truth. I see the glow start to intensify, and I know that you will all carry that glow that will grow till I see all your faces in its radiance.

I leave you now to your release from the oppression and the glow of your truth, which brings peace, joy and love to your world.