Morning Wakeup Call Message
November 7, 2002


In the year of 2002 there is a sign of the times. This sign bespeaks the advent of the duplicity of the people of the land to come to an understanding with themselves as well as their countrymen.

Good morning, I am the Count St Germain, and I speak with you this morning on the issue of the sovereignty of the people of the United States and the people of the rest of the world as they will be lead from the point of the establishment of the necessary steps taken in the governing of this country that stands in the Light of the leading power.

There is a difference taking place in the hearts and minds of most of the nation. This change is represented in the establishment of the government as was voted upon yesterday. Though the results did not on the surface seem to reflect a turning toward the Light, that is indeed what has happened.

I give it to you thusly. In the course of the resistance of the human being to the matters at hand, there is a certain energy that is built. This energy presents a forum so to speak to the angels in the heavens from which to present the case for the Light to descend and infiltrate the angels on earth. In so doing, the Light is called upon to restore the Light within. There is polarity concerned here. When there is a degree of polarity bound to the earth through thoughts of the people, there is a matching of the gravitational force that keeps the light in a steady stream to the core of the earth. This is the neutralization that keeps the earth in balance. So you see, my dear friends, the activity that happens on the surface of the planet at this time, is the necessary component to the celebration of the new sovereignty expression of the human race.

When the energy set up by man is that of fear along with the energy of love, the fear quits the hierarchal place, and succumbs to the pull of the polarity in response to the gravity from the core. This results in the establishment of the Light as hierarchy. This seems a contradiction if one does not understand the workings of the Spirit. There is mystery to those who have operated in amnesia so long. The remembrance of the so-called physics is lost, or distorted. There are those on the earth who are waking to this formula, and allowing the understanding to come forward in their work.

My dear ones, what this represents is that the development of the ascension process is underway. There is still much that needs to be accomplished in order for this process to take place in a “timely” manner. I use the advent of time, for that is the element under which you have an understanding. This too will change, as you draw nearer to the state of your ascension, you will experience more and more the timelessness of the spirit. You will realize that this is a mixture of the space time continuum that is changing along with the energies that manifest as events in your lives. These events, my dears are of your creation. You are allowing your inner guidance to lead you even in the ways that you as yet do not see as being beneficial to the cause of freedom in the land.

I allow that you will be coming into the place in your beingness where you will find the solace you strive for right in your own backyard. This is the core of your beingness, and you are finding that is the center of your world. All streams out from there, instead of the other way around, which has been your reality till recently. You are creating the change. With the new energies of the Christ, you are being given the opportunity to choose the way of the Light in Christ, or the path of the energy that keeps you on the treadmill of darkness. You are choosing the Light, my dears. Your choices reflect that there is a steady stream of Lightbeings attracted to the Light, as a moth to the flame. This Light is not an attraction that imprisons; it is a Light that frees the soul from the self imposed bondage.

So my dears, I leave you with the message of trust in the results you see in the illusionary world you create. These results though not appearing to be encouraging to you lightworkers, are indeed a sign of the moving forward in the Light. We encourage you all to continue to move in the light that propels you forward, and remember the course of the mighty river is winding and sure. When it reaches its destination it becomes one with the ocean. You are all drops of the river, and you are on you r journey to the wholeness of the ocean of Spirit. I commend you and applaud your journey. I leave you now and watch from my place in the heavens and the hearts of all of you, my family.