Morning Wakeup Call Message
November 25, 2002


Good morning, and greetings my dear fellows. I am St Germain; and I bring you this day a message of peace for the world. This is a time of forward moving for your country and the world, for there has been a coup of sorts in the annals of the testimonies of several counterparts of your government.

Within these counterparts sits a dozen or so who rule the country with anticipation of untold wealth and fame. This is not to come about this time, for there is going to be a uncovering of their activities, and their whereabouts. When this happens will be determined and revealed.

Due to the secrecy that they live in, there are only a chosen few who are aware of their identities and their whereabouts. They have been in co-operation with these few; therefore they too are implicated in the activities and the responsibility of those activities. They too will have to face the tribunal when the time comes; indeed they already face their own tribunal.

We here is the solar system are garnering our efforts toward the establishment of the security within the government of the land, once certain activities come forward that represent the freedom of the people from the tyranny that has enslaved so many for so long. We are ready to enforce the measures that must be taken in the event this is not accomplished in a manner that reflects the hidden agenda’s ability to see the end to their activities. If they remain in secret, they will force our hand, and certain information will be forthcoming that will expose them for who they are, and what they have been doing.

There is an energy that has been building, and this energy contains the possibility of a revelation within the public of the United States. If this should come about before the secrecy is unveiled by the ones who carry it out, there will be consequences that will remove them from the planet. If they come forward before they are exposed by other elements, they will be given a degree of mercy on the planet, within the judiciary.

This has been building, and due to the efforts of many around the globe, and especially in this country, there has been an intent shown for this to happen; the way has been made possible and clear.

I bring to you a word of caution in this matter. Though these people are not operating in the purest of light, they are not completely within the dark. They still have a spark of the potential for living completely in the Light of the Christ. This is why they have not already been removed, they are still operating within the potential energy for rehabilitation within the energies of their home planet earth. I call it their home planet, for this is the planet that is their home at the moment.

The caution is to not completely relegate them to extinction within your hearts, for they came into this world as you did; with an intent for a purpose within the destiny that they planned and set before them for this life. Though there are some who have strayed so far from the path of Light, that they have lost all sight of the Light, God has not lost sight of them. They have kept that faint glow of origin burning to call them Home when the time is here.

I say to you and to them, “The time is now!” Come home to the fire that warms, and the fire of everlasting life. This is the opportunity for you all to exercise the love and compassion for your fellow man, whomever he may be, and no matter what he has done. I tell you something else; to feel the compassion and love you have for these lost ones, is to hasten their exposure and salvation to the Light, and free all of humanity from the bondage that has been perpetrated by the few.

I leave you in this communication for now, and allow that the day ahead will be a bright and glorious day, for you will create it so. You are the powerful ones, the ones who hold your future in your hearts and your hands. Go forth and multiply the percentages of the freedom that you all strive for, and do so in peace, love and joy. I love you all, and I salute your beingness.