Morning Wakeup Call Message
November 18, 2002


Good morning my dear fellows, I am St Germain, and I bring you a message today of hope and release for the people of the world. This is a message concerning the affairs of the people of the commonwealth of the community of man, and the ones who govern the Universe.

Today there takes place on the planet Jupiter a congregation of allegiances to the reverences of the Deity. This is a particle of energy that rewards itself in the conference of the configuration of the particles of the whole. I do not mean to speak in riddles this morn, for there is an abundance of information here that is being disseminated within the threads of time as you know it on earth.

The result of this conference will be the continuation of time in the perceptions of all of you. This time will be different in its make up only in the sense that it will be consciously malleable by you on planet earth. As it stands now, it is malleable to a certain extent, but only in the pretext of the imagination, and not in the supposed reality of the human sense.

I give to you a riddle of purport to the identities of the commonality. This is the aspect of the childishness of the species, in their ability to produce the dreams that are created in the mind. With the innocence of a child, these dreams bear themselves out and come into being in an instant. How is it that these creations do not manifest themselves to the awareness of the Creator, which is you?

The answer is in the hearts of the Creator, my friends. You will find the answer under a leaf on the ground, within the whisper of the wind, and the setting of the sun as it readies itself for the eclipse that comes at its bidding. There is an answer for everyone, and it is the same answer everytime, even though it may bear a different stamp.

When you leave your house tonight to gaze at the skies and take place in the celestial playout of heaven, ask yourself the question. See if the answer comes in a differing way this time. See if the words do not spring from the different point of view. Open yourselves to the possibility of a wondrous awakening of a new idea of Creation.

On the planet Jupiter we will be monitoring the answers that you all bring to your senses. We will enjoy the celestial playout from our seats here in the heavens, and we will weep at the beauty of it. For we know already that the playout is Divine, and it is the promise of the continuation of the time in its abundance in your new perceptions. This is the time of change on your planet, and this is the beauty that you are bringing forward in the annals of the justice of the matters of the state in the country of the New Jerusalem, and the planet of the magnitude of the heavens.

I give you the pleasure of the ages, in the playout in the heavens this night at the end of this day. You can find great promise in the symbology of the playout, if you bring your new perspective to the heavens of your dreams.

I am St. Germain, and I wish for you a glorious day and night in the auspicious doings of humanity in time. Blessings are showering down upon you as a shower in the heavens lights up the midnight sky. Good day, and Good dreams.