Morning Wakeup Call Message
November 15, 2002


Good morning, I am St Germain, and I wish to address a certain issue that I feel is of vital importance at this time. It is the issue of the unloading of the nuclear capability of the sovereign nations of the world.

This is an issue that is being controlled by the governing parties of these sovereign nations, and must be relegated to the people of the world. There is no room here for the anarchy that exists in the carrying forth of the nuclear storage and continued manufacture of this threat.

Because of the display yesterday of the ability of the people to bring forth their inherent right of sovereignty, I am seeing that the spark of Divinity that lives within each of you is being fanned by the righteous indignation and the call to justice of the governing parties of the country that represents the strongest perpetrator of the nuclear faction.

These are the people who are going to come forward and take the country back, they and so many others who will awaken as the process continues, will bring about a reckoning of the government, and establish a broader base of control as they reclaim their rights as citizens of their fair country.

Nuclear control must be one of the issues to top the list, for without that there can be no establishment of the end to the tyranny that has pervaded the world for so many years. This is a vital issue, and must be addressed for the welfare not only of the earth, but for the solar system and the galaxy as well.

What happens on earth in the form of nuclear activity affects the rest of the cosmos, in that the balance that we are working to restore will be thrown askew once more by the force of a nuclear blast. The result would be not only annialation for the majority of the earth, but would cause a disruption of the rest of the cosmos that would cease the re-establishment of the balance that is necessary for the connection to the universe, and to the area closer to the home you occupy now.

You see, you are eternal beings, and even though in the event of a nuclear disaster you could lose your physical bodies, you would still find the need for a place in which to reside, and carry out your life expression. This would bring home that deeper realization of the results of your actions on earth.

The direct association with your family of the Cosmos would be violated, and the whole infrastructure would have to be altered. This is not an impossibility, for with God there is no impossibility, however, there is a reason for the outreach of your perceptions as far as the place you call home is concerned. When you sit and gaze into the starry heavens at night and wonder at the activity that takes place there, know that they are your family, and they are working to create a heaven on Earth along with you. Realize and remember that a family is bound to one other through the laws of the Creation, and that binding is a freedom that envelops all of existence.

You have been given the freedom to go forward and live your lives in the manner that you choose. It is time now for the Prodigal son to return to the family that has held the love and compassion in its heart for you since you ventured out into the vastness of potential all those eons ago. We wait with open arms, preparing the home fires for the return of earth to the wonderland that is before you. With that return comes a treasure trove so vast, so inexhaustible that you will marvel at the infinity of it.

Isnít it time you come home and bring your wisdom to the front? Within that wisdom lies the ability to see the folly of the ways that are being perpetrated at this time on your planet earth. Find the innate wisdom that lives within now and close the door on the follies of the past. There is capability to disarm and neutralize all the potential threat there is to the harmony that awaits around the next bend. Put that into effect, and come home into the waiting arms of your family, and know love and life everlasting.

I am St Germain, and I hold the utmost respect and admiration for your beauty and promise to the whole of existence. I bid you a good, and grand day, my dear ones, and I salute you.