Morning Wakeup Call Message
November 1, 2002


On this most auspicious of days I come to you with a message of direct action in the cause of freedom of the people of earth. I am St Germain, and I tell you of the intervention of the Light Forces in the action that was taken by the dark agenda in the Middle East last night.

Due to the fast action of our forces, there was an aversion of all-out war brought on by the agenda of the present regime in the US against Iraq. This action was to have taken out several of the military bases in that country, and would have resulted in millions of lives being lost. I say millions because the strikes would have directly killed not only those who are in those facilities, but there would have been outlying widespread areas that would have been affected because of the types of weaponry that was housed in those facilities.

Direct intervention was necessary because of the damage and degree of annialation that would have been caused. The regime was not even aware of the degree of potential for loss of human life that would result from the strike. There would have been far-reaching and long lasting effect, which even the dark agenda would not benefit from.

Because of our intervention, no lives were lost, and there was a degree of confusion caused by the turning back of the planes. It was as if, to the pilots, they had never left the field, although they were within a few miles of their target by the time we used our abilities to avert the strikes. As far as the pilots know, the action was called off at the last moment before departure. As far as the people responsible for the strikes are concerned, they were unable to see any recourse but to call the strikes off, due to the measures that were taken by our forces.

The energy is building, my dear ones, for the eventual calling in of the new guard. This will occur at the time of the shifting of the energies for the input of the stream of Light that is upon the earth at this very second. This stream has within its properties the ability to join hands, figuratively, with the people of earth and the beings of the galaxy in the peaceful resolution of the situations on earth and the intent of the people.

There will be a conference on the planet Pluto in the near future as to the continuance of the main part of the session that is directing the interventionary issuance of the directives of the Central Sun. This is going to be the pivotal force of the soon to be coming together of the expeditionary parties of the members of the Light Academy that will instruct the dark agenda as to the rehabilitative directives of study. In this way, you see, there will be no judgment wrought against any of the peoples of the earth for the actions they take in the cause of this mission they came here to do. All is not lost for even the darkest of the souls, for they have entered this experience with the degree of Light that those who have remembered, and/or retained their Light now live in.

I leave you now with the urging to send these lost souls the Light that is so prevalent within your hearts, for they too are as you from the Source, the God, the All. There is a directive from the Central Sun to you all, and that is to love thy neighbor as yourself, for he is yourself as you are the Divine One.