Morning Wakeup Call Message
November 8, 2002


Good morning my dear ones. This is a day of good and plenty, a day of winding down of certain elements of the strain of finding peace in the world. We of the Galactic Federation are finding the joy we experience as a constant to be enriched by the energies we feel from you angels on earth. This is a grand experience my dears, for this is the day of the enlightenment of a vast number of your species.

Under the net of the starving people of the world, we are seeing a growing glow of truth come forward. One would think that the starving are a lot of people who are not able to go beyond the confines of their immediate needs. This, we are finding, is not so; these people are expelling the fear that has kept them captive, and finding the strength that lives within. They are connecting with their higher selves, and finding heaven on earth.

These people will be going out into the world and taking their message of love and peace to the people who live in their glass houses. These people will find the necessary strength to travel through the countryside on foot and filter among the people of the land the knowledge that stirs in the hearts of all. And when they go among the people, they will glow in their glory, and the people will listen to the far off memories that come flooding in from the stimulus of the energy the travelers emit.

There is great knowledge of the heart that comes from a state of purity. Once the fearful emotions have found no base on which to cling, they float away with the ease of freedom that brings a profound release. When a peoples is so entrenched in a basic deprivation such as food, their focus is strong indeed. With that focus comes a stream of truth that speaks to the very center of one’s beingness. These people have made a pact with themselves and the rest of humanity to be the oppressed in this manner, and to bring the gift that comes from this action, to their fellow humans.

We do not suggest that you group together and starve yourselves into this way of enlightenment. No, you all have entered into an agreement that is individually yours, whether it is solely your journey, or that of a thousand people. Follow the dictates of the situation you are in at the moment, and know it to be your journey to the enlightenment you desire to remember. If you feel you are spinning your wheels in a worthless cause, stop for a moment and consider the benefits of that wheel spinning. You may find that it is absolutely fitting for the moment.

The moment is the sanctity of the time you have. There is only the moment; and the truth that comes forward in that moment is the truth of the ages. Stay with that truth, see the path it takes, and call it perfect. You are the truth of the ages in what you do right now, this moment. Relax into it and allow it to create the perfection of the seed that you planted in the moment.

I give to you a prayer of love and promise for the coming times. This prayer is the prayer of the beautiful promise. I promise to be the very moment I bring to myself and my fellow man. In this energy lies the fulfillment of all I can ever intend for my life. I love, I know peace, and I Am filled with the joy of Spirit.

Good day, and good life to you. We honor and adore you all.