Morning Wakeup Call Message
November 20, 2002


Top ‘o the morning to ya my sweets! I am the incarnation of the assembly of saints of the Holy order of announcements. I jest, but I am sincere in my calling. I hold an office of the Heavens that is the embodiment of the jurisdiction of the patron saint of the coming of the Word. This word is the word of truth and the word of justice in the governing of the United States of America.

I present myself this time in this manner for the delivery of the news of the day. You may find that there is magic in my message, for that is my premise. I bring to you a secret that is coming to the front in these world affairs of yours. It is really very simple! All you need do for the establishment of justice and equality in your land is to live it. Yes, you can find those qualities of life by being those qualities. Then watch the magic happen.

I feel still, the question as to my identity. Very well, in order to get on with my message, I will explain further. I am the energy of the change you desire in your country. I have been created by the consciousness of a growing band of angels, namely you and yours, who have expressed to the Powers That Be your intent for the governing forces of your country to be once again in the hands of the people. I tell you this! The governing forces never left your hands. They just changed their faces. They took on a new energy by your allowance of that change.

Do you not remember that you are all One? It was by collective agreement that this process took place. It was by the desirability to send a message to the Creator of the possibility of the anarchistic rulers to take over the power of the One and create chaos through the suppression of the powers of the individuality of the Whole. It did not happen all at once, or shall I say it was in a moment in time that it happened. Take your pick, according to the perception you wish to apply to the equation. Are you getting the picture here? Do you see how it can be construed as another’s point of view and another’s responsibility?

Do not be misled by what it appears to be. Realize the simple truth of the matter. It is all in your hands still, and it is up to you the people to change that which has been created by your allowance. I stand here at the throne of the knowing, and I see the consternation on your faces. I know the adjustment it will take for this to come about. And I know that you are up to it. Never forget what one Margaret Mead of your earth once said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world: indeed that is the only thing that ever has.”

Indeed this is the truth of it. A small group is the size of the people on earth, when you compare it to the rest of the universe. In terms of the villages, towns, and cities of your country, there is a size that is relative to the business of the people. When you approach it from the angle of relativity and perspective, how can you but not see the inevitability of the change that can take place.

Take yourselves into this day, and follow the dictates of your heart and your gut. Follow any leads you have, and be gentle with yourselves and the world. This is a mystical place you have chosen to occupy, and you can find that mysticism by stilling the noise within, and finding the Sprite within.

I leave you now in this form of communication. I never am gone from you, for I am part of you and the All that is you in this world, and beyond. You carry me with you at all times in potential. You manifest me in the deliverance of your thoughts and desires. Your intent brings me forward in exchange with your powers of manifestation. I give you yourselves and your power of change, and remembrance of all you are Now.

May the wind be forever at your back carrying you along in your Glory.