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It is a time my dear ones to take a momentary break and see what comes from your own activities of Spirit. It is time to see what it is that you are remembering on a soul level to bring to your consciousness at this time of your evolution. As you awaken you will find that there are many entrances that you will be making into the oneness of all Creation. It is a passage that you will repeat many times, yet in a way that is more and more revealing to your outer world, as well as your inner.


I am Hatonn, with you today, and I am pleased to be back speaking with the encumbrance of this oneís love. It is a time for all of us to see what it is that pleases us, and all of those around us. I speak in the pleasure of us because we are one and there is no better than, or more than, in the reality of Love and power to enact that which is within each individuality of the oneness.


As I speak through this one I do so with the utmost pleasure and endorsement of what so many of you are doing to open up to the oneness of what is to be examples of the creativity of all of existence. As any of you fulfill your desires to create and live that which you are inspired to, you are bringing all of what you are to the field of delight and experience of all of humankind and beyond. It is a matter of being able to interpret that which you all know, and see how it fits in with the evolutionary process of being the way-showers of the steps that are opening up the inner knowledge that was once exhibited on this planet in the times of Lemuria and Atlantis. As you all take your own steps and interweave them in the societies of the day, you are integrating the old with the new. You are creating it in the Now moment that is being lived.


You are all such dearly beloved creators of the wonders of Now. You are bringing the creations that you are experiencing to the front. You are allowing us all to see what can be brought into beingness, and also what can be looked at and then tossed into the creation bin of energy to be recycled and brought back for consideration in a new form and purpose. Its a journey that is like non other that has been brought into the scope of creation before. That is what is so terrific and amazing in the events that are coming forth in every moment.


Yes, I know that you have heard in other messages about the events that are coming and how they will affect the evolutionary process. I also realize how it is affecting you when you donít see what you had felt it would bring into being. What events are these and why didnít they happen? Perhaps it is time to create in the thoughts of what it is bringing you. Perhaps the messages bring you the opportunity to express what it is that you bring your own interpretation from. You are the creators in this world. Is it not time to bring forth your own idea of what is spoken of, rather than wait for the others to bring it forth and show you what their creation is? It is a new concept is it not, to think that what is being told to you is ahead of itself?


How ahout if what they are saying is what they are seeing in the future of what you are living? Does that not mean that you can live the future in your present, and at the same time see it as the past? Is it not a wonderfully powerful energy from which to bring forth the next idea and go from there once again? Have you thought of what it would mean to live it all at the same time, and to make your choice of what it is to live and experience of it, all in the moment? In reality, you do that in each moment of each day, and each thought and idea that you express inwardly and outwardly. Does this sound fun, or confusing? Does this spring forth an idea that it can be different from what your memory reminds you of at this time? Or, does it tell you that there is more that meets the eye than what is in front of you?


We see how it has been for all of you. We remember how it was for you when you came to this planet to have this experience. One day consciously you will join with us and celebrate what the moment means, and how we have all experienced a fabulous way of expression that knows no bounds. We are doing that already on the level that we are creating in the moment. We see that there is coming a time when your consciousness will open up to the Oneness that you are creating in the unity of us all. We are standing here in Love and joy for the Oneness of us all. See you in the realms of eternal truth forever more and any moment in eternity. Love is the all.



Thank you dear Hatonn,

Much Love, Nancy Tate