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Hi Everyone,


Bob, Toshiro and I have moved out of our RV and into a four-bedroom home for a time. A dear friend is now gracing the RV as her home. We recognized the call we were each receiving and honored our own desires and intent for the changes we called for. We are very grateful for all that has been given. Until another voice for change calls us into another scenario, we will remain in this situation gladly and in joy.


It is wonderful to have the extra space to move around in. Toshiro loves his freedom to roam the fenced in backyard; he dances and prances his appreciation in his most wonderful tail-waggin’ way. The dear friends who live here on these grounds of the Essence of Tranquility Hot Springs in Safford AZ enrich our lives and help to give us community.


We plan to offer events to the ones in the area who are searching for others with whom to share and enjoy the fruits of Spirit. It is time more than ever to come together and be the community that supports and creates a world of Love and Light in action.





Wake up Call: I Am May 11, 07


I Am the one you love. I Am the one you adore. I Am you, and with these words I bring you to yourself in a way that is full of remembrance and joy. We come together in the portals of time and in these portals we find ourselves. We take the road of love and light and we pave it with gold. We find the gilt of gold pleasing and full of the remembrance that takes us all the way Home.


With these words I bring to you the passage into your heart. I bring you a blessing that superceeds all else, and that is that there is only You and Me, for we are one. Our origin is in the stars, and with that origin we find heaven wherever we go, for there is no place that is not home. We light our candle at the setting sun and keep it blessed all through the night and the day. We light it to illuminate the ones who have lost their way, for they seek themselves. We are they, as surely as they are us; therefore how can they not find themselves?


As your world turns itself into an act of mercy we see it taking a turn for the miraculous. We see the voices of humanity coming out in praise of freedom and enlightenment. We see that there is no untruth, for when the word is spoken it is as is being represented. There is no false claim, for those who claim believe it to be so. In their world it is, unless they knowingly enter into their own illusory world.


Taking this day into consideration we extend our apology to those with whom we quarrel, for there is no resistance factor in truth. There is only that which is, and as it is, so is it to be. We swallow the seed of love and allow it to blossom forth into the signifying resonance that creates. There is only that which takes precedence over what has been, and will be.


The moment is all there is, and to see more than what is before you is to enter into the illusion. All that is before you is what you make of it, let it be the sky, the moon, the stars, even nothingness has substance, when you give it. We create in the image of our perspective. We govern our lives according to that which we perceive to be possible.


Slip that perspective a bit and what do you find? There are no limits; the world is limitless and abundant. A wee bit off the perspective of a moment ago, and you find a vast new arena in which to play. That is what is in store for you. Your horizon is full of potential, all being played out for you to choose from. You have already designed limitless scenarios from which to choose. That is the creation energy in motion; that is the scope of your power.


Look around; what do you see? Do you see a world full of that which you do not desire? Or do you see that which is designed by you, put into place with your touch, and fully lived in the appreciation of your creation? Come to Me and see how it looks from the vantage of my eyes. See the color of joy and love. See how you look to Me and then see Me through your eyes. What you see is yourself and all that you create. It is all what and who I Am, for I Am you in expression. That is your gift to Me. In gifting Me, you gift yourself. Rejoice in the giving and know that it is fine.


Go now into your day of days and find the magic of creation in the eyes that smile at you from your inner glow. Know that as you do you carry all that is on the tips of your fingers. Your world is representative of that which you intend, and it is my world as well. The perfection of that world is in the ability we have to change and suit it to our will. Keep that in mind and handy as you go about your day, for your power is full of light and the Love of the All.


Blessings to you abound in all ways.


Thank you dear I Am,

Love, Nancy Tate