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My dear ones, I come this day with a message of hope, a message that superceeds hope, a message that comes from the heart of the matter and rises above anything that is unbelieved. I come to you with the answers for all there is.


With these answers comes the knowledge that there are no certainties; there is only that which is. What is it that you so desire that you fix upon it till it is a mere memory of what you once desired? Is it truly what you now desire, or is it something that fit the moment that time ago and bears little resemblance to that which is in the energy of the present moment?


Ask yourself honestly, has your world changed so little since you announced your desire for that which has not come into your life yet? Or has your world possibly changed a bit, or even a great deal so as to warrant further thought on that which you wanted?


This is imperative for you not to be discouraged by the fact that what you asked for and intended for your life, even a moment ago, has not manifested. When you asked for it your life seemed to be a certain way, and yet in the time it has taken to get to the place within your life and without, has the nature of that which you desired not changed along with the energies of time?


I take you back now to the statement that you make to the universe, Spirit, God, the provider of choice. Can it be that this provider has seen into your future and seen the appropriateness of that which you asked for? Can it be that there is a far grander and more fitting manifestation that will surface for you, and all you need do is be willing to be in acceptance?


This is what has taken place in Nancy and Bobís life. This is what they are seeing is the fitting way in which their life is manifesting their abundance right now. The energy of that which they asked for has come in regard to where they are living; the place is not that which they asked for, yet it is giving them the elements they asked for. The other things they have asked for, community, a larger space in which to stretch out, fenced in yard for Toshiro are all in the process of manifestation in the appropriateness of time and the actual physicalness of it. Their hearts are light, and their lives are full of gladness. Toshiro leaps and dances his delight all over the place.


This is what is missing in the teachings of the present day. Some ask for that which the moment supports. When this does not manifest as they desire, they may become disillusioned. They may say that the secret does not work, that the law of attraction is a phony teaching. The truth is that there is more to the teachings than is being seen, and that is the appropriateness of the manifestation for the moment, and the ability to allow and accept that which follows the statement of intent.


You higher self knows what is appropriate for you, and the picture changes with every turn of the road. The realization of this factor is what will bring you a feeling of joy and gratitude with every manifestation that blesses your life. There are no set promises in life except that you will manifest that which is the perfection of the moment. In this moment you are creating in perfection, though it may seem to be something other than perfect.


Your higher self sees the path that takes you easily and joyfully to that which you have created with your thought and intention. Therefore what you have asked for and have known would manifest because the law of attraction states that you will, may indeed have a different face and timetable than you do in your present consciousness. Realize that there is also an agenda that your soul is following, and it is part of that which your consciousness is being finely tuned to. As you become more in tune with your soul journey you find that your acceptance of what is more perfectly matches that of your intent.


Take yourself into this day and find what it is that pleases you and brings you joy. Live that to itís fullest and recognize your ability to live the perfection of the moment. Let go of your ideas of the details of manifestation and allow the provider to lead you on a path of discovery so profoundly simple and joyous that you will spend every moment in the attitude of gratitude that superceeds all else. Go ahead and dream your dreams, state your intentions, and then accept that which comes your way as part of the process of living the perfection of the moment.


I leave this communication and take myself to the periphery of your dreams, for there is the sweetness that exudes your energy of love and thanksgiving. You are the bright shining lights that illuminate your path all the way to the top of the pinnacle that you are. Go now and celebrate life the only way you know how, in the truth and love that reflects that which you are.


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate