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Nancy: Hatonn, what is going on, why do I feel so expectant of something big coming?


Hatonn: My dear, it is because there is something big coming, it has been coming on for many years and today we have seen an acceleration of the energy of Intent by humanity. This is what has increased the energy of the earthplane, and the intent of the lightworkers has been supported by the rest of the children who are yet asleep.


That is not to say that those ones whom we call children are not going to awaken, for on a level that superceeds the 3D reality there is a conglomeration of action that takes precedence over the activities of the other parties on earth who are operating from their own interests rather than from the Light.


Those ones who scramble to keep their world intact are not even aware that there is no world left from which they can operate. This is the backbone of what is termed the New Golden Age, and it is in flux with the reality that is being transformed at this time.


We are here to announce to you all today that with the increase in energy that is being propelled out in intent for peace and love there is a whole new paradigm that is being lived by many on earth. In this paradigm many are living the New Golden Age and are seeing that the old world is indeed behind them. It is more of a feeling and in that feeling comes the inspiration to live the new paradigm and to reap the benefits that it brings them.


There is now existing within planet earth a whole new energy that is taking precedence over the old. From that energy, which is representative of Gaiaís ascendancy you are being inspired to the activities that spring from the light. That energy is flowing forth and radiating out to all of humanity, and that is why you are seeing the stepping up of demands for peace and justice all over the planet.


This is no weak movement that relates to only a handful. It is a powerful representation of the motivating power of manifestation that is being relegated to the demands of the moment. It is the idea that is prevalent in society and therefore is what is being manifest, and itís momentum is unstoppable.


As the various groups of lightworkers gather for their reunions and for their individuals aspects of work that they have agreed to, to push this momentum over the top and into manifestation, they are being bombarded with the energies of change that release the bonds that have kept them enslaved to the ideas of poverty. We are seeing more and more every day the lightworkers who are releasing their bonds of poverty and welcoming in the new abundance energy that they are born to. They will in this energy produce the results that they have been striving for, and then some. It will come, in most cases, in ways that may be different from what they have been expecting, yet they will see that the ways that the abundance comes is completely in keeping with their beliefs.


I take time now to address another issue, and it is that of remembrance. As these occurrences of the return of abundance energy come to stimulate the lives of so many, so too will come the old ideas of what kept them in poverty in the first place. With the onset of these realizations may come an idea that this new energy is not real, and that the old energy of poverty is still in place. This is to be expected, for there is a tendency to hold on to what is familiar.


Realize that there is an ability that you all have to release that old energy and to welcome in the new, and that is to realize that the new will be foreign feeling and will remain so, until it is embraced and welcomed into your life. Then you will feel the familiarity that is real, and has more truth to it. It will make sense and it will show itself for what it is in the manifestation of that which is intended, and it will do so in the flash of an eye, the blink of the moment. Trust that moment and know that it is your new threshold on which to build your new life.


Nancy: Wow, Hatonn, that is more than I thought would come in your answer. I like it! I also am feeling some of that which you talk of, of already living beyond the ascension, and manifesting our new world in the New Golden Age. In a way I feel that there are dimensions of us who are trying to catch up with these other dimensions, and that what we can do to enable that is to be in peace and joy and neutrality.


Hatonn: You are correct in this, dear one, for you are indeed living more than one dimensionality right now. Many of you are compressing all of the realities of the 4th and first level of the 5th into the one reality that you are conscious of. That is why sometimes it seems that you have been there, perhaps a minute ago, and yet know that you havenít, in the reality that you perceive in this moment.


In reality you are expanding your consciousness to include all of the realities in the 4th and the 5th, all of them at the same time. You are choosing the reality in which you feel the most harmony and in that you will bring all of these dimensional levels into the harmonic that is the most desirable for you.


In turn, so will all of those who share the same ability to flow through the levels, and this is increasing more and more. You are also expanding back and forth through timelines, bringing all together in a more harmonic way. You are changing timelines and events in those timelines to more harmonically suit the reality that you are choosing to experience. This, by the way is the case with 59% of humanity, and that percentage grows every moment. Two weeks ago the percentage was 39%.


Nancy: Wow, again, dear Hatonn! Thank you for this information. I think we have enough to digest for a while.


Hatonn: You are most welcome my dear. I would like to say this before I close; you are all masters of your fate. You take the upper hand in every moment and you create that which you see as being the most beneficial to your awakening. Know that as you make your decisions you are taking clues from your own higher selves in total and complete compliance with The Creator.


You are blessed beyond measure, and you bless us as you go along your way. Love and joy go with you wherever you go.


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate