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Hi Everyone,


This is a special day for us here at the Tree of the Golden Light, for we welcome a new part of our site that is itís own website. This new site, , which Ulla, our graphic artist, is creating, represents the new work/play that we are coming into. We know the name of the playshops that we will be giving, Living Green and Circle of Hearts Profusion Playshops.


We know that it will include playing with papercrete as Bob shows how the ecologically sound material can be used in a myriad of ways for building. Youíll see a brief show of Bob playing with it. We also know that the other part of this will be devoted to sharing and communicating the part of community that begins in the heart and spreads out to all of Gaia.


As for the details, we are allowing Spirit to guide us step by step, and as it unfolds we will share it with you. For now we invite you to click on this link and see the enter page that Ulla has created. Enjoy the song that Wayne St. John has generously, from the heart, donated to humanity for the sake of our planet. Watch the slideshow that introduces you to papercrete building.


Now Avenda speaks to you in the Wake up Call today. We love you all very much.





Wake up Call: Avenda May 29, 07


My dear ones, welcome to this day of blessed events. Welcome to the time when you are celebrated in a whole new way. This is a time for you to see how vibrant and real you are, and how you ring through time with a sense of Now and a sense of here.


We are all playing for the rebuilding of earth and our lives with Gaia. We are brought together all over the planet to create and love one another in a way that supports the play that we all do collectively.


This is the time for all of us to look at one another, no matter where we live and whom we reside around. It is a time to forget the borders and see only the brothers and sisters that come together with a sense of community. This is the coming together of humanity to hold a place in our hearts for the knowledge that we are doing what we are lead to do to create the beauty and peace that is our inheritance from our old selves.


Stop for a moment and listen to the trees, the birds, the whisper of the field life. Find in your hearts the ultimate truth that is reflected by all of nature. Know that there is a time that is pure and sure in the gathering of the earth angles together in song. We all hear the tones of love all over the planet and we feel one love for the planet collectively from all of you.


Join in today and sing the song of love and peace. Feel what it is telling you, and know that you are tuned in to the voice of The Creator. That voice is in all of us, and as we find our way to the pinnacle of our lives we feel the love emanating from our hearts and streaming forth to all of humanity, all of existence in perfect harmony.


Over the next weeks and months, as collectively we continue to undergo the changes that are upon us we shall find that from the ashes of the old emotions, thoughts, and ways of approaching life we will find a new way in which to live, to walk, to dance to run and play. We will be in accord with Mother Nature and we will find ourselves being thoroughly in tune with all that there is.


Go now into this time with the knowledge that as you do you are creating anew. You are being the one whom you have been waiting for. You are living the life of abundance of Spirit, and there is every blessing in your life. See the truth that lives in your heart and allow the inspiration of the moment to act in accord with your heart. That is the circle that surrounds all that is Holy.


I give to you a picture that I see of yourselves. Take a look in the mirror of time and see the being of Light that smiles back at you. Then take that smile and send it round the world to every heart and soul who walks in the Light that is One.


I Am Avenda, and I smile with you today.


Thank you dear Avenda,

Love, Nancy Tate