Wakeup Call Message
May 13, 2004

Good Morning Lord Sananda

The way of the world is to dominate those who are perceived as weaker. Rulers from time immemorial have thrust their beliefs upon others, at the threat of death for those who refuse to comply. Nearly all such situations are for reasons of Religion or Politics, and ultimately to exercise control and power over people. Fear is the weapon that is used to coerce people into strict obedience, backed by forces that police what they are doing and to apply what are often Draconian Laws. Can you see that nothing has changed over hundreds of years, and that the weapon of fear is as potent as ever? Survival is very much a matter of instinct; and somehow you manage to get through your traumas, but your quality of life is seriously impaired. Stress is rampant, brought about by the continual pressure of having to ‘provide’ whatever you consider are your needs to establish yourself in society. Jobs, medical care, accommodation and safety are all issues that keep the pressure on, and yet none of this should be a problem in a world of plenty. The energy of fear mainly feeds off the thought forms that are generated by the media, which by and large support those who would keep you in ‘your place’. But, people are seeing through the lies, the broken promises, and the lack of true representation and are beginning to impose their own Will upon those in power.

The gauntlet has been thrown down, and you must now use your strength of numbers to ensure that your wishes are taken into consideration. Remove those people who do not respond, put into their place the ones who are emerging that can see what is required, and are prepared to place themselves in positions of responsibility. There are many people whose voices are beginning to be heard, who are prepared to stand for Freedom and Justice. Give them your full-hearted support as they are here for this special period of time when the changes have become a necessity, otherwise you are liable to pass into oblivion. Each one of you has a responsibility to anchor Love and Light upon this Earth, and see then how quickly it will transmute the dark.

You are well along the path of achieving a great break-through upon Earth that we can see already. The wheels of motion are turning, there is no stopping the movement forward, and you will soon see the clear signs of changes that are destined to bring you all that your heart desires. Peace will suddenly replace war, and a great coming together will start to take place. You will be astonished at the speed of changes, and many events will occur over a very short time, that will remove the old unsatisfactory ways and install the new. You have already started to anchor the Light, and this was when you decided that you had seen enough of the ways of the dark. The power is increasing so much that you have attracted even more Light, and you now stand at the point where the critical mass will now bring that Peace that you yearn for.

NESARA, First Contact and Ascension will provide you with all that you need and are entitled to through the Laws of Attraction. Divine intervention will ensure that these events fully manifest upon Earth, there is absolutely no way that it can be prevented. The Creator God has decreed how it will be, and so be it. Your part in all of this is to prepare yourself by living the changes now, throw out any prejudice that you may have, see all as your Brothers and Sisters and treat them as such. Be ready to give of yourself, as there will be much to do once the ball starts rolling. The changes will ensure that you have the time to be creative, and the many worries and problems you have now will be removed. You are entering a most glorious time, and you will claim, rightly to your full entitlement to the benefits that are about to be placed before you. You are one family in God, and it is time to put aside your disputes, and your differences, there is no more time for such a waste of your energies.

I, Sananda have been with you for a long, long time and I have nurtured you and seen your growth from the depths of darkness into the glory of the Light. You are ready to unfold your wings, become the Angels that you surely are, it is now time to live your Light. I am with you as we bring this cycle of dark to its conclusion, it has served us all well, yes even the dark has its place and its purpose. Now concentrate on the tasks ahead and you shall again see me upon Earth, and I shall help you to understand how all will be in your wonderful future. You still have much to learn, but the greatest step will be to enter fully into the Light of Love, a power beyond your present understanding.

All will change in the twinkling of an eye, be ready for I shall come ‘like a thief in the night’. I come to re-new our loving relationship, I am your Brother and Sister, your Mother and Father, I Am All to All that Is.

May the vision you have now bring you Peace and Love, may all Heaven acknowledge your Godliness.


Thank you Lord Sananda

Mike Quinsey