Wakeup Call Message
May 07, 2004



            My dear ones, I AM Sananda, and I wish to welcome you this morning to the energies of love and compassion for the fellows and the ones of might that are surrounding the globe this morning. We are all here in our stations and with our measures of allowance to the diversity that is taking place on your planet.

            When the bugles sound and the troops of Light show themselves at your door, there will be a new battle cry, and that will be to put down the arms and surrender to the God within for the enlightenment of all who are in your world. No more will the might of the forces of war garner themselves to the injustices that are swamping the streets and overflowing in the field and forests. Those days are coming to an abrupt halt, and soon you will all see what is growing anew when the receding of the waters of oppression have left their cleansing on the soils of the world. There is not going to be a New Jerusalem that will be subject to the tyranny of yesterday. You are living the pangs of new birth, and when the new life is expelled into the arms of the Beloved you will all rock the new life into the love and joy that comes from the new beginnings.

            There is something I would like to share with all of you, and that is that there is no one who is more sure of the new sweetness than I, and no one who is more in love with the new earth than all of us here in the heavens. We all are here, Enki, Enlil, St. Germain, and all the Masters, the Galactic Federation, all of us from the family of the universe, who stand in readiness to come and walk among you and bring to you the light of freedom and the truth of love and compassion. We are here, and we are ready to join the ones already among you who have been working to pave the way for the bright new tomorrow.

One of the ways in which you can bring this new tomorrow in is to create your NOW to be the most joyful, peaceful, and loving world for you and your loved ones. This is the sure fire way to a bountiful and rich life amidst all the chaos that springs up around you. You can be untouched by the constraints of that chaos by looking yourself in the mirror and smiling your love for yourself into the hearts and minds of the image that

smiles back at you. You are everyone, you know. You are the totality of the universe. Everything that you do and that you are is a reflection of what has been thought and brought into manifestation through the love and the energy of Creation. When you look at that image and you see the face that is so familiar, you can take the thought that comes and sing the joy of the Creation into that thought. Give yourself a thought that represents all the love of the universe, and feel the wonder that resonates throughout your body, for that is the universe. You have every particle and every atom of life within you, and what you give to yourself you give to the universe.

            Did you know that you have such power? Did you know that you change a boulder from a single thought into a sparkling grain of salt? Did you know that then you can take that grain of salt and watch it grow into a million light rays that shine upon the multitudes, forever multiplying and resonating its song of love to the far-reaching corners of the universe? And did you know that you can then take the bounds of the corners of the universe and see that there is unlimitedness to the universe; and it stretches far and wide, as far as your mind can take you?

            That is the power of your mind. Now letís bring that power back to your own backyard. You can see your parameters of your yard. You can see where you can place yourself in that yard. You can see the outer corners of your garden, and you can see the rows of vegetables and the clumps of flowers that you have nurtured for weeks and months. Now you can see your home and the rooms within. You can see the furniture lovingly gathered and placed to make your home inviting and comfortable. Now you see your friends and family gathered around the table. On the table is the sumptuous meal of fresh vegetables and fruits garnished with flowers that give of themselves for your sustenance. You can see the love that has gone into preparing this feast for the enjoyment and nourishment of all. You are King and Queen of all that you can see and so is everyone else, for you have all brought your part of the feast and the rooms and the home and the gardens and the backyard to this experience. You have brought the best of who you are and you have shared that best with everyone you see. That is the way of building this new world, this brand new developing wonder that gathers all the best of the best together in co-operation and harmony with everything. This is the world you create, and it starts right in your own backyard.

            I stand here now with a scepter in my hand, and I place the rose upon the bosom of the child. This child brings a new lightness of being to the family, and he sings his sweet song of love to the masses. She whispers of her love for this new life that she is creating, and he wonders at the beauty that he sees. She gathers to her bosom the abundance of the roses and they spring forth from my scepter and fill the world with their beauty. He springs forth and carries his beauty to the far reaches of the world, leaving a trail of petals in his wake. She piles the petals in a jar and leaves the jar at places as she goes. Another jar is filled and more petals are captured to share with ones that she meets. He divides his time between the songs he sings and the roses he scatters, and all the while they are laughing and singing and catching the fancy of all who see. Then those who see take their place in line and gather the roses that multiply and spring forth from their every step. Soon the beauty is so vast and far flung that all you can see for far and wide is beauty and all you can hear is the laughter of the children and the tones of the loving music that rises in a crescendo and brings all to a resonance that forever changes the world of man. Now you all see the beauty of man and the wonder that is Spirit and it is you and it is I and it is God in action and expression in the Highest. This is the world that you create when you walk upon the waters of emotions and keep the lightness of being that sings to the heavens and resonates with the angels. This I give to you as I sweep my scepter over all and see that you all have your scepters and you ride them high and low and all around and gold dust fills the air and blankets all that is.

            This is the world that you have created, and in this world you find expression to make this Mother Earth your Garden of Eden once more, for it was from whence you came and so you shall enter once again. The ones who found you there in your beginnings shall welcome you back for they have found their way back to the origins of the light, and they too will eat of the apple and find it Holy and find that it is sweet and Divine, for all is transformed and all is Holy and all is a gift from the Creator that is given by you and returned tenfold to the source.

            I take my leave from this transmission and remain in your service and in your light, for the way is sweet and the road is sure and all is ready for the feast.


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy