Wakeup Call Message
May 27, 2004


St. Germain


The Golden Age will be the pinnacle of your achievement as you reach the end of this cycle of experience. It will be one of perfection, existing in an energy of wonderful Love and Light, one in which only the Truth will exist. The power of creation will be with every Soul and will be instantaneous. You will bathe in a glorious Light that will be brilliant yet not dazzling. You will be surrounded by the Creator’s gifts, radiant colours in a range beyond your present comprehension, and beautiful crystalline structures in geometric shapes that are so pleasing to the eye. This will truly be your Garden of Eden, and contain everything you could have dreamt of in your wildest dreams. Many higher levels of existence are in a state of perfection, and you will find yourself in such realms through your endeavours to reach your highest declaration, of who you are. In reality it is not new to you, it is just that you have forgotten your previous journeys through such realms, as you took on the more physical vibrations. Yet all is fluid and in continual movement, and even as you return to the Light it is expressing itself in a greater perfection.


As you reveal your true self and become that Lighted Being you always were, you will find yourself rapidly transmuting your lower vibrations. This process is taking place now as you draw the higher vibrations to you. These are integrated into your very being and you are progressively opening your higher Chakras. You are activating your 12 Chakras once again to become the complete Being with a super consciousness.


Earthly matters seem a long way from the state of perfection I have described. On Earth you have only seen a glimmer of what awaits you, and what you can truly be in your glorious coat of colours. You have some of your ‘colours’ now except that very few people have the ability to see auras, let alone define their attributes and qualities. Do you see why sometimes you can have an immediate attraction to another person? Not just on a physical level, but a ‘feeling’ of being at ease and comfortable in their presence. This comes from the merging of your auric energies, and a resulting positive attraction. Of course the opposite can also apply, and it is possible to feel little or no rapport at all with some people. This does not necessarily mean that they are negative in any way, but that they are simply not on your ‘wavelength’. In this way, in time to come you will be fully able to ‘recognise’ people you meet, and understand them as to what they truly are. They will be unable to hide their true self from you, and only the Truth will be able to exist. This openness will also apply to the spoken word, as it will be impossible to say one thing and yet inwardly think another, your ‘truth’ will be apparent to all around.


At present Man has perfected a way of hiding his true purposes and intentions, but you do have intuitive powers that will often make you suspicious and question actions and motives. In the present scenario upon Earth you are beginning to exercise your intuition more than ever, and this is vital as the dark try to fool you with their assurances of their noble intentions. You are seeing through their subterfuge and lies, and you are now rightly demanding to be told the Truth. You are sensing their aims, hidden within secret agendas that are becoming known. It is now the right time to demand to know what is taking place in your name; it is time to take back your Power, Freedom and Justice.

You are at the gateway to the Golden Age, and it will come to you because it is in God’s Plan for Humanity. But you have to claim it and prepare yourself for it now by trying to live your Truth. You will be surprised at how much easier your life will become, if you work to that goal now. I would say it requires a lot more energy to live a lie, and the negativity caused by it eventually affects you physically, and often mentally. Dear Ones you have achieved so much in your lifetime, go that bit further and be determined to live your Truth. You will help uplift others by doing so, and life will become so much more pleasant and enjoyable. You know I am right, why not try it and see how easy and natural it becomes to you.


Be assured that as soon as you make a decision to go forward in your spiritual evolution, that you are helped by your Brothers in Light. We joyfully urge you on, and impress you with our wisdom; it is our Love in service to you. We wait for the time when you shall join us in the Great Light, and we see that you are well on the path to that achievement. Put aside your worries, all will work out perfectly in the end and it has never been in doubt. We can already see it, whilst you can only sense it, but your awareness is growing incredibly fast. You are beginning to know your true self at last.

I leave you with the assurance that you are seen as wonderful Loving Beings, with all of the potential to be that which you really are, en-Lighted with your Christ Self. I bless you with all of my heart, and I enfold you in my Love.

I am St. Germain


Thank you for your uplifting message

Mike Quinsey