Wakeup Call Message
May 20, 2004

Time waits for no one that is for sure; have you sensed how it is speeding up even more than any previous period. What is happening is that you are raising your vibrations and attracting energies that are usually associated with the higher dimensions. In other words you are gradually moving out of the 3rd dimension and experiencing the 4th and 5th dimensional energies. Time in the higher dimensions is not as you would normally experience it on Earth, the Present Past and Future are all in the Now, and time becomes unnecessary in the sense that you do not need a marker to live out your life. In ‘no time’ you can be where you want by merely ‘thinking’ yourself there; you can travel as a unit of energy almost instantaneously. Why would you need time in those circumstances? When you become once again the Master’s that you are, you will also be able to send different aspects of yourself to do your bidding. You will be expansive to the degree that you will have no restraints beyond those Laws that still determine the limits of your journeys into the higher vibrations. When we see events that are manifesting on your Earth, we sense a time scale, but the picture we see unlike your own, is so vast and takes in so many possibilities. You are often told that everything is so fluid, and I will say that all is changing constantly in ways that are so subtle that you are unaware of them. We cannot therefore always be exact when we try to satisfy your longing for dates for events that are to take place, only the Creator would be able to manifest one in such a precise manner, and if it is in the Plan no one will be able to alter that date.

From our perspective you have already been victorious in your battle to bring Love and Light fully into being upon Earth, yet as individuals you cannot see it as we do. We try to encourage you by giving estimates of the time required to bring events into your time scale, but as you know, that is sometimes difficult. That results in a measure of disappointment that casts doubt upon the whole process. Know that we are absolutely determined to give you every encouragement from our side to keep your focus in place, because we see that a wonderful conclusion to your efforts to overcome the dark is about to take place. Can you sense the Truth that is in the air; there is a great swelling up of Intent to bring all into the open, to ensure that those who are responsible for your welfare are answerable to you. The power brokers are not in their positions for their own benefit, they are privileged to hold power for you, and their authority is God given. They are responsible to you and if they do not listen to you, they will find that they will be removed by events beyond their control. All leaders are reflecting what the mass consciousness dictates, but at this time of immense changes they too must go along with the flow, but some fight it, not wishing to give up their power. If they will not change of their freewill, then it will be done for them. Ultimately, if resistance continues, the dark energies will turn upon themselves; your history is littered with such occurrences.

Within the Halls of Power upon Earth there is an unease at the head to head confrontation of dark and Light, and even those that seem insular where the Light is causing changes, realize something special is taking place. They are being challenged at every turn, and no longer do they have that confidence that used to allow them to feel so assured. The Light is affecting every single person upon Earth whether they realize it or not, and those that resist it, will find that they become isolated and unable to continue. It is a case of ‘change, or be changed’ and this is why we place so much emphasis on your being compassionate to those who you can clearly recognize as the dark; they too ARE changing and need to be welcomed back to the Light. They are part of you, you are All One after all, and progress is measured by the collective mass consciousness, as all have to be lifted up once again into the Light. Your service to the Creator is to help those who are struggling to bring themselves into the Light; they need Love and forgiveness just as you would forgive yourself. Retribution is not your concern, you cannot see the whole picture and you should not make judgments, least you should judge yourself. All of you have experienced many different roles in dark and Light, and in our knowing, one is no different to the other in the service it offers in your quest for experience. You willingly came into the cycle of duality to gain the experience that would make you ALL greater Beings. The only judgment that is important is that which concerns yourself, as you learn your reasons and motives for all of your actions. I speak here of your appraisal of your life, after it has come to a close. When on Earth, you are of course subject to their Laws and their punishments, which are not necessarily written with spiritual understanding.

At this most important time in your history the Law of Grace will operate, and it is possible to be absolved from your negative Karma, you cannot take it with you when you ascend to the higher dimensions. But we say, enough is enough, the play has to end at some time and the curtain is coming down very quickly. Be understanding of those who would still continue in their old ways, it will be their path to the same goal, by a different route. Respect that choice, because I say again, and again, you are All One.

Dear Ones you are loved beyond measure, and have our admiration for your determination to see your goals achieved. The Heavens rejoice, because you are already victorious!


Thank you so much St. Germain

  Mike Quinsey