Wakeup Call Message
May 10, 2004



Dear Ones you are going through a traumatic period in the history of Earth, the forces of good and the forces of evil have been challenging each other for supremacy for aeons of time. The last battle is now being fought with no holds barred, yet the outcome is secure, there has never been, and never will be a time when the Love and light can be defeated by the dark. Even in the depths of negativity lessons are being learnt, and yesterdays advocates of it are tomorrows leaders of the Lighted Ones. All is progress, nothing stands still, all is in the course of evolution, and a pathway to the Light and Ascension. You choose your experiences and the way in which they impact upon your Being, you have served both the Light and Dark at various times in your many incarnations upon Earth. But we are always with you, as now, we guide you through theminefield that the dark has set, and we comfort you when you are in the depths of despair. We lift you up again, we empower you with Love and we know that you will emerge a greater Being for all of your experiences. Remember that when you undertook to come into duality you were aware that it would be a mighty challenge to your resolve, and to stay in touch with the Light, but you also knew that you were ultimately assured of victory.  That victory is here now, you have achieved it, and we admire the manner in which you have come through it, we see your greatness, we see yet a greater potential, you really are Gods in the making. You have of course always held the God spark within, and have never been without that connection with your source.

You are all wonderful Beings of Light that we admire and Love, and we are excited at the coming re-union with your many friends from Spirit and Space. There will be tears shed in joy and happiness, as the time is here for a great momentous coming together upon Earth, and we shall be your servants as a mark of our great admiration for your steadfast approach to the challenges you have met since the turn of the millennium. This was always going to be a testing time, but you have come through it, and there is no longer any need to despair, all IS going well. Very shortly events will transpire that will reveal to you in no uncertain terms that the end times are about to manifest. There is no need for fear, this is a very happy occasion, a great celebration as you realise your goal, and you can relax as many wonders and truths unfold before yourvery eyes. Hold on a little longer, never lose your resolve to bring Truth into the open, and transmute the negative energies with your growing Love and Light.

Forget for a moment the way things were planned, as you have already seen great changes that lead you beyond the millennium, when your prophesies told you that it would be the time of ‘going through’. You have been responsible for this change, because you exceeded the expectations that previously mapped out that particular future that was being created. You raised your consciousness to such a level that a new path was created. This was an astonishing achievement given that you were at one time considered unlikely to achieve it. We rejoice at your fortitude, we rejoice at your determination, and it is this same determination that has won today’s battle. Your intention and your Will to see the end of the dark has been acknowledged by the Creator God, and divine intervention is now in place.

A new approach is taking place, one that allows an even more open approach to settling the conflagrations upon Earth. Peace is about to be declared, and if necessary it will be enforced, as the dark can no longer claim to represent the Will of the people, that time has passed. The Will of the people is now greater than ever and the cry for Peace upon Earth, has been answered. Be joyful; see Light wherever you go, spread your Love far and wide. At this very moment it is important for a great Love and Light to permeate the Middle East, and once the process of bringing peace to this area has started it will escalate very quickly, and affect all parts of the World. In reality all would wish to live in peace and harmony, and could but for your Warlords and those who would take all away from you for themselves. The inequality of life and greed hasbeen at the root of almost every war fought upon your soil for many centuries. We will restore that equality and you will see how quickly a great Love will evolve between those peoples who otherwise consider themselves to be enemies.

You are all Brothers and Sisters, you are all heading for the same goal, albeit that you may decide to take alternative paths, the fact remains that you are all on the Path upwards, and into the higher Light. The ’In Breath’ of God has started, you have touched the depths of negativity and it is now time for that chapter to close. Very soon myself and other Masters will return to Earth and we shall tell you of your wonderful achievements in the face of every challenge the dark has thrown at you. You will know the full Truth of your history, and you will rightly marvel at how you have come through these testing times. I am surrounding you in my Love, empowering you to bring the final chapter of your lives into that new reality that is manifesting before your very eyes. Call for me and the Masters, when you need our strength, we are but athought away and hear your every prayer.

Peace be with you forever, let it emanate from your very being, share your peace with all around you. We Are One


Thank you St. Germain for another uplifting message

Mike Quinsey