Wakeup Call Message
May 04, 2004


When the changes begin in earnest upon your planet Earth, there will be a great outpouring of energies from the higher dimensions. These will help lift you even further in vibration and speed up your movement into higher vibrations. There will come a point for many of you, where you will find it difficult to hold your place upon Earth. You will find yourself more at home in the higher vibrations, and the Laws of Attraction will draw you to the appropriate level that you are best suited to, and where you will feel perfectly comfortable.


The negativity of the Earth plane keeps peoples feet on the ground, and over aeons of time you have had little opportunity to raise your vibrations. But in the last 100 years or so, the efforts of Lightworkers has helped anchor Light that you have been able to draw to yourself, and given you upliftment. This has always been the plan, the nature of the end times has been known for many thousands of years. You have often been told that nothing is by chance, and this is so and applies to each individual, as well as Humanity as a whole. You knew this when you volunteered to spend your lives repeatedly coming into physical duality, so as to master and understand the challenges of both the spiritual and material, and to use your experiences to help yourself and others evolve eventually to the point of Ascension. As now, you have been given continuous help from myself and many Masters, the Angelic Kingdom and other Beings who have transcended beyond serving self, and instead the Will of God. We marvel at your determination to achieve success, and when you call upon our help, we are so pleased to be able to come to you.


 Our Love continually enfolds the Earth, and there is ever a balancing of Light and dark although to you as individuals it would seem that the dark is dominant. Remember that it will never, and indeed cannot overcome the Light.


Freewill is the great gift, given to you by The Creator for this particular cycle of experience, and with it you are always creating your own reality. You do not yet have the power to create instantly, but in the very near future it will be so. Meantime you should know that it is important to keep calm and focused on the goal that is to bring Humanity fully into the Light. When this occurs, you will find that your desire will be to do the ’Will of God’. You will find that all of those who have ascended before you, such as myself, are part of a great assembly that all have our own responsibilities to God, and together carry out the Plan for Earth. It does of course go a lot further, because there are many Mansions in Gods’ House. The wonder of it all is that there is to be marvelous coming together of all the work that is being done, and we see the Greater Plan which ultimately enables All that Is to return to the Godhead. But all is in constant change, and it can be said most definitely that there is never a dull moment.


It is never to late to turn to the Light, it is after all the destiny of you all to accept it into your very being, yet no one is pressing you to do so, we willingly give our Love and encouragement when you are ready, as you otherwise have all Infinity in which to make your decision to go forward. I ask you once again to be compassionate when the Truth is revealed about your history, and the manipulation that has taken place to keep you subservient to the Rulers of the time. You have all experienced the dark from both sides of the fence, and perhaps because of this you can understand the saying ‘ what you do unto others you do unto yourself’. Have you ever wondered how that happens, I tell you that it is you who decide what you experience in each lifetime, because you need to understand the giving and receiving of the dark, as well as the Light. You must first conquer the dark and all of its temptations, then you will be able concentrate on the Light, and your evolution will go forward in leaps and bounds. We know this is so, we have gone before you, and have a great feeling and understanding of what you are going through. But when you find out how you have been badly let down by those you trusted with your well-being, remember they too can experience a revelation and God will welcome them back to the Light with open arms, as there is no judgment other than that which you make of yourself. God has given you Freewill to experience whatever you desire, and God will not therefore chastise you, God is All Love, you are part of God. Be compassionate to those who have misled you because very shortly you will begin to learn the Truth, it will be shocking and cause anger, and calls for retribution. This is understandable but be forgiving in your assessment of what should happen to those responsible, allow the Solar Tribunal Council to determine what is the best for the future of those who have erred. Heaven does not punish, God does not punish, therefore every decision that is made upon Earth as to someone else’s future needs to be tempered with Love, and the realization that correction comes from Love and Understanding, and helps these fallen ones to see a path back to Universal Love. Treat one and another as you would wish to be treated yourself.


I close now with immense Love for you all, Heaven applauds your resolve to bring the final chapter of life to a close, yet in that closing is a wonderful new beginning that is worth every effort you have ever made to find the true Light through your great cycle of experience. Feel the new energies permeating your very being, hold them close to your heart, see everyone you meet as your Brother and Sister and treat them with the same Love, YOU ARE ALL ONE.


Thank you dear St. Germain,

Mike Quinsey