Wakeup Call Message
May 17, 2004


In many Ages past you have faced the challenge that is now staring you in the face. It is one that makes you question the type of society you have built upon Earth. It is appropriate at the end of a cycle, because you can carry on as before or take stock of your situation, and decide that you want a better life ahead of you. Many times, you have not found sufficient Will to bring into being that which is more enlightened than what you have created around you. Many times, you have in fact gone deeper into the mire, and have reaped the full karmic debts that you have built up. This is how you evolve, as most certainly the lessons of life gradually sink in and although it is a slow change, you gradually begin to see beyond your creation. Today you are no different inasmuch that you are having to re-access all that you thought was in line with your ideals, and the challenge is of greater importance, because there is a parting of the ways, all by your choice. But no one can move into the next cycle until they have determined what they want from life.


You have of course followed your path over a multitude of lifetimes, and as a collective unit of Humanity, you have given power to your dreams; created a reality that has reflected the desires of the greater portion of the people. You have used your Freewill to draw to you that which you have felt comfortable with, and so it goes on as life after life is experienced. There comes a time, as now where you can no longer go along with the ‘crowd’ because it is not ‘staying together’ any more, it is time for choices to be made, whether you do this consciously or subconsciously matters not. You will by your actions and thoughts make your decision as to your future. It is not that you would not like to go into the higher dimensions, given the opportunity to experience the wonderful peace, harmony and Love. Firstly, some of you would not feel comfortable in those higher vibrations, in other words you would not be ready, and indeed you could not enter those  vibrations as the Law of Attraction would place you elsewhere. You would, and now will find yourself gravitating to that level of being that is best suited to you. All works out exactly right, but you should note that the time of choosing is almost over.  It is true that some experience sudden revelations and these can have a tremendous impact to the extent that a Conversion takes place.  But by and large you have already created a path to YOUR reality. No one is ‘lost’ when these decisions are made, your life is Infinite and no matter where your travels take you, you will always be You, and like every other soul that is seeking the Path back to God, that link to God can never be broken. Ultimately you will find yourself coming together again with All that Is.


The future for all of Humanity is assured, and a wonderful adventure is ahead; you write the story and play the parts, life is not just a game, it can be fun, full of joy, happiness and experiences of your choosing. It is time now to decide what it is that you want for your future. You can drift along with the crowd but would it not be better to be aware of the great opportunity that is offered to you, make a decision as to where you are going, and what it is you want to do.


You have been given glimpses of what your future can be through many contacts with the Masters and other Teachers, and in recent time your friends from Space. For a moment forget the outer body that you see, or the way Beings come to you or where they come from, the essence of every Soul is the same, you all have the God spark, you are and always will be a part of God. Very soon your Space family will be coming more openly into your life, they have an immense amount of help to offer. Send out your loving acceptance of their presence in and around the Earth. It is your destiny to be re-united with your larger family, and for many of you this will be an emotional time as you recognize and remember those who are your kin. They need to feel your loving greeting upon their arrival; in fact they need to know they are welcome into your life right now!


Do not fear that which is now manifesting that is new to your thinking. Be open to a multitude of new ideas, and new ways of living, because I tell you, the old ways will no longer serve you. Open your mind to all types of possibilities as you hear of what is planned over the next few years. Many of you are carrying an awareness already, but it does require people to become more outgoing. Be expansive in your thinking; be ready to leap into the future, it will happen so quickly you will wonder if you are dreaming. What is to happen is very real, and has been part of a plan that has existed for aeons of time, a plan for the end-times that would see you safely into the Light. You have had some close brushes with other realities that would have seen you fall to the old pattern of reality; but you have come through and it is now a matter of building for the glorious future that awaits.


Put your seat belts on, this is going to be a fantastic ride; the roller coaster will not let you down. There are thrills and surprises galore, hold on tight, you will never have had a ride like this one.


I am your Brother St. Germain and I lift your hearts at a time when you need encouragement to space yourselves from the outer happenings. Be in the Earth, but not of it, enfold it and all upon it in your most wonderful Love and Compassion.


Thank you dear St. Germain,

Mike Quinsey