Wakeup Call Message
May 31, 2004



            My dear precious ones, you are the ones who will put the new action that is taking place for world peace over the edge and into the lives of all who live on planet earth and subsequently out into the universe. You are the ones who hold in your hands and your hearts the ring for world peace and dominion in the universal order of unity with the All. We of the Galactic Federation are watching the unity with which all of you band together and push this last piece of darkness out the window and into the vastness of space to be forever transformed to golden peaceful light. A new strength will be returned tenfold back to earth to unite with the rest of the ideas that bring about a peaceful planet and an abundant life, living in love and joy forevermore.

            We wish to take a moment now and join with you to pay homage to all who valiantly have played their roles of sacrifice and loss for the purpose of bringing yet another aspect of earth life to the plan for which there is a relentless activity that is on its way to bringing all of the darkness to the light and making it whole with the light. Without this darkness in expression there would be no world as you see it now, and no light on the horizon to welcome in this new brightness of being that is about to burst forth. This is a time when all the cards are on the table, and the hand is being played for the winner to take the prize of oneness and deliver it to all of the players and to be the winner in all of the aspects of the game. You are all the winners, you are all the players, and you have done your parts well.

            We place a wreath upon the graves of those who have come home to be a part of the spectacle that is being played out on earth. They watch with us as you progress. Some return back to earth to be a part of the joy in a new parentís eyes and life. Those will join with the ranks of many who will reign with the people to assist to bring the new golden age into being. They will come back with their knowingness intact, and join the many who have already returned and are already teaching those who love them, by their example. It is surprising to many what these children, these infants know. It is a heartwarming sight to see the love and adoration pour forth and illumine the lives of those who welcome those returned to their families. Some have chosen to return to the same genetic families from which they departed, this is the gift they give for the loss they experienced upon their early departure. Some have chosen to return to another family somewhere in the world. Some will return into a fully formed adult body to walk forward in the life that had already been established and will carry out the mission of that departed soul, and then go on with another mission of its own. Such is the way of the generational division of souls throughout the millennia, and such is it now, more than ever.

            It is a strong band of angels that we see carrying on the work of the ages. We love the picture that we see from here, and we cheer you on in your ministrations of the last vestiges of this trek into the golden light. This is the time when so many from our Federation will be uniting with the loved ones with whom we have carried on in times past. Some of us will be stepping onto earth and walking alongside you to assist your rise to the vibratory elevations that you strive for. The work that will be accomplished within this time is that of lightbearers who have stepped forward and agreed to create a life for themselves away from their families and friends, and into the service of the universal order. We welcome you into the service, and we shall make the journey as smooth as we can for you as it is within our power. We recognize the challenge that you meet when you do this. We see the tears of loneliness that you shed on days such as this when you feel the memories of other holidays weigh upon your present day without the genetic family around you. We reach out and touch your hearts with our love, and whisper our gratitude for your undying devotion to the family of man. We assure you that the loneliness is but a temporary measure, and that you will soon feel that loneliness no more. All will be coming to unity, and love will fill your hearts to overflowing so that there will be no place for sorrow, and no arena for tears, lest they be full of joy.

            We hold your hands and we comfort you in this time, and we ask that you dig a bit deeper and discover the joy that hides behind the tears. We ask that you feel that joy, and welcome it into your present moment. Make that joy a part of your present life, and allow it to penetrate the haze that has collected around you and see the sun shine forth and change the haze to a cloud of gold with you at the core, shining forth and bringing your radiance out from a heart filled with joy and peace. We love the glow that you are, and we see that you walk in a great deal of strength and authority in your life. We see the wonders that you carry with you in thought and intent, and we see that there is a great deal of passion that is ready to spring forth and activate your abilities to walk in that energy of intent and spread the light of your love far and wide.

            So play today, and carry your light high, as it springs from the recesses of your memory. Know that the joy you find applies to every moment of your life, no matter the picture it paints at the moment. All is in readiness for us to come and rejoice with you as you bring the curtain down on the last cabal. The curtain call will be enormous in its clarity. The trumpets will resound throughout the universe, and all will hold hands and beam tremendous smiles for evermore and into eternity. We squeeze your hands as we hold them in our love. The circle is complete; all who are in the play receive the love of The Creator as they take their final bows and walk into the glow of the New Golden Age.


Thank you dear Galactic Federation,

Love, Nancy Tate