Wakeup Call Message
May 05, 2004

Special Message: Galactic Federation


            There are a number of groups who present laws and hierarchal justices and ideals to the experience of all who are within the existence of The Creator. This is of course the truth of the matter for all that is, is all of The Creator. When we come to the individualisms we then form the differing groups that remain in what is termed hierarchal order; we do this for the purpose of presenting something that you can relate to. There are groups who are created for certain purpose, and in that energy they are classified as being of differentiation. This is the only reason that we distinguish a grouping, for this is within the confines of your understanding at this time. This too shall change, and you will realize the non-necessity for this grouping, for it will all blend into the oneness and all will be focused in the different streams of consciousness and be as one while accomplishing the whole. This you may see is the reason that some of you receive messages from the Galactic Federation, and some from the Galactic Confederation; both are as they are represented and one does not exclude the other.

My dear ones, this is a time in the history of your planet when there are to be great changes, and with these changes will come an introduction to the elements of the cosmos that will be coming into your experience and your mainstream. There is no longer any need for there to be requests from the parties on earth to come and intervene, for the request has been made and the parties of the family will be coming and taking their place in the hierarchal establishment of the ones who are already here to bring an end to the tyranny and oppression that is taking place.

            Fear not that this transitory time will be a time of frustration and confusion, for it will be done in as comforting and supportive a manner as we can bring to you. It is time to bring forth the governing parties that are on your planet, and reveal to the world what it is that they have been doing these millennia. Yes, the story will be told, and the truth of what this all has been will be explained and brought to the trials of the underground and the justice of the earth.

            We are going to come from the far reaches of what you call space, and we are going to be allowing you to open your memories and bring all that you have cut yourself off from to come to bear to nourish your souls and your lives, and assist you to know what it is that we are doing to bring this new age into being.

            There are many who are coming with whom you have been circulating messages that tell of grand schemes and wonderful allotments of wealth. This is not to come to fruition in the way that has been presented, for there has been a great deal of controversy in the presentation, and there is nothing that resembles the original content of the plan that they brought forth. In reality there will be a continuation of the energy of abundance, though it will present itself in a much more harmonious way. There will be abundance and it will come at a time when those who would have squandered it and made ruin of it’s message will be instructed as to the prudent use of abundance and delivered to the ideal of Spirit and the reasonableness of the Way of The Creator.

There is no way that there will be any diversion from the truth of the universal order of love and the Galactic Confederation’s message of love and compassion. Yes there is to be a tribunal with all of the hierarchal ones present who will lay before you the order of the Creator and the placing of the proper terms into the vocabulary, along with the meaning of the words according to the vibratory stature and the interpretation thereof as to the perspective according to the lives that are being lived in the intent of those living that life.

            Take heed that you do not bring fear into this presentation, for when the ones who are already on earth come forward and present themselves as part of our ground crew, there will be some surprises and therefore a possibility of fear. This is to be met with a great deal of love, so that there can be a blending of the energies of love and compassion for the forward moving of this plan. No more will the land be covered with the shadow of the fear that is presently the case. We will come and bring the light that is the natural way of being; and when we do, it will be as if there was never a time of fear, save in the brightness that is recognized as being ever so much brighter. This is a time for the old patterns of life to come to a close and to bring the shoes for the other generations to bear and to see that there is nothing but glory ahead.

            Yes, Enki is preparing to come and spend life on the earth and capture the essence of what he came here for those millennia ago. He will carry his original promise of Light to The Creator and be able to bring all that he intended to the light of everyone’s comprehension. When this is accomplished then it will be obvious that there is much more to the story than was told through the eons, for it would not have been in purpose for the real identity of Enki and Enlil and all of the Nibiruans to be made known. Now it is to be shown the real purpose and identity of these ones, and the purpose for their return is soon to be revealed.

            When I say that there is no one who has been more in keeping with the plan and its tribulations than the Nibiruans, I do so, so that you may all appreciate the times and energies that have come to the fray when the lives were being lived throughout this whole time. There has been nothing that has been more pivotal than to see the effect that the darkness has on the light and the human psyche than to see what they did and how it affected the evolution of the ones who were created in the image of the lesser Gods. This has been a school for the cosmos in seeing the interaction of the DNA adjustments with the ones who came and played out their parts to bring the resolution to the people who decided to come here and play out their parts in this great experiment.

Can you imagine how it must have felt to go into that hell and see the light that lived at the pinnacle of that hell, and to know that there was nothing to do but to go through the process and someday come out of it with the love and the caring that would be required? How do you think there could be a light that could shine bright enough to implore the darkness to fall away, and for the person to know that there was a chance and retribution was to be doled out after all. This was the hell that Enki lived in, this was the roller coaster that he rode for all those millennia, and when his brother Enlil saw the place that Enki descended to in those dark times, he too knew the futility that was felt and knew that he had to come to the rescue of his brother, in order to keep the plan and the promise strong.

            It has been a long road, yet in some perspectives, it was but yesterday. This is the legacy that was created for all of you, and when this comes about that the oldest beings from the darkness come back and show you their light, they will come from the depths of knowing the fullest of both ends of the spectrum. They will come and they will be able to bring with them the release that holds the bondage in smithereens, and the transmutation will take place of the darkness to the light. All will be the same at both ends of the spectrum. The circle of light will be complete and all will be enclosed within that circle. Also, within that circle will be the looseness of freedom that Spirit brings. This will be the tie that unbinds and the freedom flame that will nourish and light the way for all of mankind and all of existence.

            Isn’t it wonderful to feel the love and the compassion that is extended out and brought back in that continuous circle? This is what it is all about my dear ones. There is nothing finer than to know that we are all in this together. Let’s all reach out and enclose even those who seem to be the furthest away from the flame, and bring them to the bosom of Mother Love and cradle them in our arms and say to them, “Welcome home, for you and I are one and we have missed you. We are the family of all there is and we are not complete until we have welcomed every child, every member of the family back into our hearts and our loving embrace.

This is as it is, and it is so.


Thank you,

Nancy Tate