Wakeup Call Message
May 28, 2004



            Good day my dear ones, I am Enki, and I would like to take this opportunity to inform you of a happening that is taking place within the halls of justice as it appears on this plane. From here we see the justices in conference in the great hall, and they are conferring with the many representatives of the judicial systems of the world. Justices from all over the globe are in attendance, and with them are the aids that they carry with them to insure that their time within this hall is of the utmost benefit to all who live on this earth.

            When I speak of aids I am referring to the ones of Spirit who are in attendance with these justices; and with their help they are going to come through this process with a few surprises to each other, and a great many to themselves. This is so because of the increase of the energies that are surrounding and permeating the planet right now, and for the next couple weeks.

            My brother Enlil and I have stepped down from our positions in the hierarchy to establish a rapport with several of these justices. We recognize that in order to best ascertain a working relationship with our brothers and sisters, we are to be among them and adoring of their supremacy in all matters of the heart and of the world. We are no longer interested in being here on a different plane than all of you, and so we are devising a way in which we will be able to more closely work with all of you. We have drawn upon our abilities as grand masters, and are bringing the energies of the interdimensionality to our work more than ever now. Since we realized a hundred and forty seven years ago that we are strictly Love and of the Light, we have uncloaked our shadow selves and remained in the purest of Light for the next phase of our time here on earth.

We had to keep ourselves in a state of readiness in order to make the transition to a being who will walk among the people on earth, and serve the highest of purposes that we can bring to this mission. We recognize that there is really no hierarchy in this existence. There are merely those who have not uncloaked themselves as yet, those who are walking in their chosen amnesia, and those who are awakening to their own true identities. We are all in positions that serve us for the moment, and it is all as beautiful as the fullness of Love can show itself.

            When we decide to come and walk with you it will be as if that embodiment that we will fill was always there. It will be as if the identity that we assume is a familiar personality, and welcomed into the community of man. We have conferred on this with our father Anu, and he is in favor of this move. When he came to our sides at the time of our awakening to our inherent beingness, and held his light over us for all to see, he did so with the authority that we had given him for this revelation at this time. There are no places on earth that will remain in shadow once the fullness of the light is upon us. And just as these justices that are meeting now will come to many great glories in their perceptions of the coming times and what they must see is done, so too will the people of earth come to many new perceptions of what life on this great planet will look like in their worlds, and what they can do to see to it that it is done.

            My dear ones, there is a great deal that Enlil and I are looking forward to in the times to come, and one of them is to reunite with the parts of ourselves that we once left behind. There is a completeness in the thought of this, and there is a lightness that accompanies the thought. It is in the completion of the expression of ourselves that we will be roaming the world and living our purpose. We will be living in the company of those who give expression to who we are in totality, and in this company we will love and love our destinies forever and forever.

            This we see for all of you as well. We see that there is to come a time when all in your lives will be in harmony and that there is to be nothing that cannot be found to be full of light and embellished with the love expression. There will be mountains of deepest acknowledgement of each otherís authority, and there will be a strong honoring of each otherís sovereignty in every breath that is taken.

            We have come to this place in our journey where we are recognizing and giving homage to the long journey that has brought us to this point. There is much that will be revealed through this one and others that will represent the truth of the journey. Those who have written of our history on this planet will realize that what they have brought forward is for the most part representative as what happened. They will also realize the truth of what they were not able to uncover, for such was the nature of that which is just now beginning to be unearthed. The disciples of Jesus have come back now and are walking the earth revealing old memories and uncovering significant facts and relics of that ancient civilization. Some of the evidence is lost forever, however there is enough remaining that will be discovered that will leave no doubt as to the authentication of all of it.

            Now my dear ones, Enlil and I take our leave from this transmission and ask that you find the time today to tune in to the ones who are always there to assist you in your journey. These ones have a message for you that will uplift you with its energy. It is a time of love and a time for community. I honor each and every one of you and I look forward to the day when I may come up to you and embrace you with my physical arms and my heavenly Spirit once more. You are the physical angels and your wings glide over the truth and render it sublime.


Thank you dear Lord Enki,

Love, Nancy Tate