Wakeup Call Message
May 25, 2004



I  Enki do come at this time to tell you of a time in the future when there will be a great return to the times when there will be a re-emergence of the supremacy of all the ones of Godís great plan. There is no greater thing than that which is already on the earth. There is no greater plan than the one that we put into motion at this time. We grand people of The Creator give this time to the ages. We give this time to the flowing energies of transformation and love that is the pivotal energy of change and transmutation within the tribunal of the Lords of Earth. See thee with the cloaks of ego being removed and turned to the light of The Creator. There is no greater place to find this solace than right here where you stand and where you live the lives that you have chosen.

            Please, my dear ones, listen to what I say, for this is the decree that I place upon thy shoulders to be unto eternity. This is the conquest of the mighty that lives within the DNA of the ones who would subvert the supremacy that lives within the Godself of all of you. There is nothing finer than to bring the light to the ones who choose the subversion; and we are about to see the richness of this plan bring that light to the far corners of the land. We are in the last vestiges of the darkness and I rejoice along with you to the pleasures of seeing the light take the love and the compassion in the caress of the angels and render it whole.

There is nothing I would rather do than see you all in the bliss that is representative of the resonance with which you listen to the beauty of the tones of the earth and her people. There is something that is resonate with the souls of the people as is transcribed with the instruments of the physicality that brings the trueness of the sound of love to the people who are living the truth of that being.

            I love each and every one of you. I made the essence of my seed live in you. I love the resonance with which you bring you own individual resonance into the expression of who you are. I have learned a great deal about myself and about you through this means. Please forgive my indulgence as I find myself in you, for I recognize that without you I am nothing, a mere fabrication of what I presume myself to be. I am the sum total of you, as you are of all that is. There is no separation of who we are to each other save in the ideas we have of each other.

            When I came to earth so many years ago, I came with the idea to create a race of superior beings. I thought to create in the image of the god I presumed myself to be. That is the essence of who I was, and whom I realized I was not till I discovered you; till I discovered I was nothing till I came to know I was the fulfillment of what my creator told me I could be.

            You are the fulfillment of what the creator knows you are. You are the fulfillment of the dream that I dared not have, till I knew that I could have it. This is what you mean to me, and more. You are the wonder of my eyes, of my life, of my knowledge of who I am in your eyes. You are the wonder of the universe, and in so being you are the wonder of all there is.

            I am going to be the epitome of all that you represent, for you are me, and I am you, and without you there is no me. Do you not see that there is no difference in who we are, merely in the presentation? There is no division in the time and place in which we preside, merely in the idea of it. I am merely the other idea of who you are, the one that you have not thought of yet. The same in reverse is true.

            I bring to this moment the rising tide of love and damnation that floods the world at this time. It is the forward moving of the times and the energy of change. Do you not see that it is eternal bliss in the making? This is the time in which the shores of love are beckoning to the sands of tomorrow and saying come to my bosom and throw away your tears for love is at hand and there is nothing to fear.

I once said to a fellow of my peer that there is going to come a time when the people of this land will not stand up and take notice of what takes place in their own backyard. This he said was folly, for those ones would always know what befalls them. I told him that this is a fine idea, though I see differently. I wish that it was thus, but I see that it will not be so. I see that these ones will not recognize that they are in a vice grip so profound that they would see their life as being led by a man of virtue and staid character. This would be their falling grace. I allowed that this would be the point of no return to the old way of doing things, that this would be the start of the new beginnings. My friend said that he saw the same thing, just through different eyes. I then knew it to be the same. I knew that he and I both saw the eventual outcome to be that these ones would awaken through the Grace, and that they then would take their freedom back.

Once there was a time and place for the energies of now and then. However now is time for the energies of now, for then is past and no longer relates to what is now, and forever. There is a difference in what is presented now for study and application, and what is to be contemplated as what may be valuable for discussion towards tomorrow. What is of consequence when the only thing is now? What does it matter what came before, when what is real is what is right now? The only relevance to today is what is now taking place. True, all that is now has relevance to yesterday, but only in the learning.

I have learned so much, and I have all of you to thank for that. You are my field of dreams and I love to walk in that field. I roam among the flowers and I love the aroma of the titillating colors that stir me forth in the day. I bloom forth in the glory that you bring me in everything that you do. Is it any wonder that I love you so!? Is it any wonder that I visit this field of flowers so often? I love the connection that this wondrous life of love brings me when I connect with all of you. God gave me this gift of glory to feel in his name in order for me to find the touch of beauty within myself. How can I not see that? I do, and so wondrously that I cannot express that wonder of it all. You are my lovers. You are the reason I know who I am?

I am the wonder that is you, and you are the wonder that is me. There is no greater glory than that. If we live in that truth how can any folly become us? I leave you with that thought for I must tarry on that myself and glory in the truth of it. I am Enki the one who loves you;  In love the way you have shown who you are, all of you, for no matter how you show yourself to be on the outer vision of how you present yourself to be, you also show your true being to me. That I love; and that I know myself to be. I thank you and love you to the highest degree. There is no greater love than that which I bring from thy Father, the Creator of all there is. There is no greater one than that which is all of us in the love of The Creator.



Than you Dear Lord Enki,

Love, Nancy