Wakeup Call Message
May 14, 2004



            My dear ones, I am Enki, this morning, and I would like to share with you an announcement that is forthcoming from the Galaxy. This concerns the withdrawal of several key people in this fight for the betterment of mankind. These people are ones who have been working on the side of the dark, and after careful and persistent calling in of the light we have persuaded them to give up their lies and their ministrations of deceit to the light forces who are all immersed in carrying out the largest transformation of the history of the galaxy. How did we do that? Simply by honoring their authority to be the trueness of who they are. In doing so, they were able to see beyond the boundaries that the light implores, and allowed the light to reveal their true nature, and their lightness of being. They are now in our embrace and the change is most heartwarming. They are beautiful beings as all of you are, and in seeing this change, we beam that light, along with them out to the rest of humanity and the earth.

            Some of you may wonder why we did not just send them to the place where they would undergo solitude and restraint while the earth and her people are winding down these last throes of the lifting of the dark. We have done this in order for these ones to return to earth and lend their expertise to the process of ascension. They are people of stature who in the positions that they occupied and shall return to can exert a tremendous difference in the moving forward of the ministrations of light. They can be great contributors to the emergence of the free energy field and the glorification of the cleanup of earth. Rather than carrying on in suppression, when they return they will raise great consideration among the ones they will be working with to heights that will quickly and surely bring a new understanding of how it is to work with the earth and her people to bring a new freedom and restoration of the pristine beauty of this planet.

            I remember the awe with which I first came to this dear planet. I was struck with the beauty and the flawless nature of Mother Gaia. I realize that there may be those of you who are disbelieving what I say, however, there is much that will be revealed about my times here on earth and the points with which we dedicated ourselves to the plan that was set forth with our time here. There is much to be explained and that will come in due time. My cause and purpose here was to play the duality role, and that I did, However, there was one thing that I held true to throughout, and that was the knowledge of my source, that of The Supreme Creator, source of All. When I slipped into the darkness, I knew it well. I played in it and I carried my role to an extreme. You have seen in recent times, and throughout history, how this has been echoed in various ways. I now stand here in the fullness of the light, and I beam to you the knowledge and the proof that nothing and no one is ever lost to The Creator. There is no forgetting of who you are and where you originated. There is always a light that beckons you back to yourself.

            My dear friends, I wish to explain something else of great importance now. That is that there is coming a time of great need for compassion, for in order to carry forth in the light and allow this great planet to carry on in her destiny, there will be a great upheaval that will take place. This will likely be carried out in smaller occurrences, so as not to cause a catastrophic calamity that can cause great loss of lives. We are holding a sure and strong energy of diversion and this will mean that in various places there will occur many smaller earth changes that will bring havoc to some areas. The loss of life will be minimal and will involve only those who have chosen that in their work for mankind. Mother Earth has decreed that she will undergo these changes in this manner in order to show her love for all of you. She does not want to bring about the destruction that one large event would cause. Her heart breaks at the thought. Therefore we have complied with her request and are monitoring the smaller events that she is going to experience. This will take place over the period of time that is deemed needed. One more point I wish to make here, and this is important to note. In the event that a large number of you, her children, take the initiative and lend your healing energies of love and compassion to her heart, you can make a difference for her and for your great part in her life. This has the potential for miracles, and you can show your supremacy by following your hearts and your intuitive guidance in whatever way that may mean, this is the power you have. This is the beauty you share with Mother Earth. This is already taking place around the globe, with events such as the recent calling of prayer through the medicine wheel circles, which brought a great deal of peace and love to the areas of disturbance within the earth. We observed from our place in the heavens, and some of us were by your sides in the ceremonies. We felt your tremendous energy and we saw your beautiful colors light up the sky and surround the globe with a rainbow of compassion.

            We are with you now, and we love the feel of it. We send out our love to you, and we wear the love you send back as a beacon to the love of the universe. We are moved beyond compare, for with the somber events that take place in the area of the Middle East, we see the equal in love and compassion balance the field and bring the vibration of Mother Earth higher and closer to ascension. There will come a point when all will be love, and the joy with which all of mankind lives their life on earth will be evident in the families that are reunited and stand together and say, “Remember when?” And all will be as one; and all will live in harmony. And we will walk among you in the love and joy that a peaceful planet radiates. Mother Earth will smile forth her beauty and all will be a glorious new Golden Age that shines forth her testimony to a job well done.

            I love you all and I sit in homage to your powers, and your strength of purpose. You are the children of God The Creator, and the song you sing is sweeter than ever.


Thank you dear Lord Enki,

Love, Nancy