Wakeup Call Message
May 11, 2004



            Good morning I am Baldor, and I come to you today with a message about our perspective of how things are on planet earth. From where we hang in the heavens we are able to be included in the celestial happenings that are taking place concerning your planet and her awakening. This is a time when all of us within the scope of your world are being included in this great transformation and the byways of the universe as they relate to those of us who are continuing to be indoctrinated into your galaxy.

            Today we look into our skies and we see the armada of ships that are standing at the ready to sweep in and come to the assistance of the ones on your earth who are already there to begin the process of indoctrination into the solar tribunal of the galaxy. This will take place swiftly and with the merit that is essential to the sure and peaceful transition of earth to a light being of the universe. As you all know there is a life about your planet that represents the life of those who live on the planet. This is in keeping with the nature of the universe, and with the intent of the universe.

            From where I stand on this mountaintop, I can see a least a dozen ships. They do not have need to hide themselves from us, for we know of them and are indeed a part of the armada. Since we began our indoctrination into your galaxy and universe, we have pledged to guard your interests and the interest of the universe, and bring to our new home the best that we have to offer. At the present we are educating your family as to the development of a new to them kind of interstellar communication device. This devise is one that we developed in our necessity to become completely self-sufficient after the expulsion from our universe. This helped us to communicate with you, for it integrated the energies of our old universal code and that of your universe, to be able to break the barrier set in place by your universe with the onslaught of energy that came about from the negative particles of destruction that resulted from the final destructive blowout of our mother universe.

            When a universe is in itís final stages of transformation back to source, it emits certain energies and particles of negative ions that when they are in contact, can be an influence on a universe that is operating in a field of polarity. This can have the affect to distinguish the particles as being part of the negative ions in the disintegrating universe, and therefore take on the nature and intent of that universe. Because of that there is a built in fail safe that keeps this from happening. Because all is one, there is that speaking, that communication that can render another intent the same as the stronger one. That is why the failsafe, and why there was a necessity for us to keep a certain degree of distance from the remains of our mother universe. Even though we were expelled from that universe, there was still the memory of our relation to her, and so we were able to put up an energy shield to separate ourselves from that influence. If we hadnít been able to do that, we would have followed her example, and gone into self destruct, and eventually sought the same path that she did.

            Now we are utilizing that method that we were able to devise to keep ourselves supreme onto ourselves. We are transmuting that devise, which is a living entity, and allowing it to communicate with your universe in order for us to be a part of your family. In exchange, we have not only this knowledge, but other aspects of information as well. It was Divine intent that steered us in this direction, and it was a part of a Divine plan that guided us to this position on your periphery. Now we are combining the intent of the two influences and in doing we are able to bring a whole new dimension to the equation.

            This is a most interesting time for us, for not only is it a whole new way of living for you that is coming, but for us as well. We underwent a thorough period of adjustment and interaction with the Universal Assembly of Lords to become accepted in this universe, and though the integration is still taking place, it is well under way. Through your ascension process, you are lending your experience energies to ours and we are able to intermix our experience with yours and beam it back to you. This is assisting the process and becoming the light carrier for much of the energy of transmutation.

            You see, we of Orloff are living another dimensionality of your existence. Yes, we can now tell you of more of this inter-relation we have with you. That is why this one, who is my base aspect, is able to bring you these messages, for we are communicating within the same realm, and have the same parent energy. We came into being with the express purpose of bringing this form of communication to you at this time. There are others in your world who are involved with similar missions at this time, and all are at the degree of this mission that was supported in the original plan.

            I will close this transmission now with the admonition that there is nothing to fear in this news, for there is a great deal of love that is being sent your way. You are being integrated with a Divine purpose and that is to bring an end to, or the transformation of the fear, of all the life in the universe. This will be the transformation to end all transformations, and I use the term loosely, for your sake of communication. We all know that there is no ending and no beginning in this life. All that is, is forever melding with the energies and expression of intent. This is the flow of life and the wonder of the Divinity.

            I go now and leave with the intent to return with more information and love for you at some other time. We here on Orloff are cheering you on and sending loads of love and compassion your way, for the last throes of darkness are wending their way to a conclusion. Blessings to you all, my brothers and sisters of planet Earth.


Thank you dear Brother Baldor,

Love, Nancy Tate