March 16, 2009                





This whole idea of not paying attention to our past, but living our now is discarding all of our now. As we live our now presence we live our all. All that has happened to us is now with us, and it cannot be discarded. It is all part of what we have done and what brought us to this point in our evolvement.


Consider that our series of lifetimes/experiences is all one, sequential, with no separation. That is really as it is, is it not? Then how can we say that there can be no consideration of any part of it in what we do in the moment? When we sit on a chair that looks to be a bit unsteady, yet we say that it will hold us, then it does not and we fall to the floor, are we not living from the wholeness of our past, present and future?


Look at it this way; we look at a chair that looks to be unsteady, and we remember other incidences when we found to be something similar to bring about the same kind of result, are we not giving ourselves the opportunity to create another reality? Are we not given the opportunity to choose another chair, or to not sit at all if there is no other safe choice?


That is a simple example of what we can benefit from by knowing our history. As far back as we can go in our history, whether it be on earth, or before is all part of the one line of our evolvement. We learn from what we choose in the energy (circle) that we express through the lines (power) of action; it is how we evolve. In the circle of energy that gives us potential, we choose and then put power to that choice and the course of action is the line that takes us into expression of that choice.


In that way we can look at all of the energy that we have amassed and benefit from what came of it, where the various lines took us and see what our next choice may give us. The more we tap into that which we have experienced the more we give ourselves opportunity to evolve to a higher state through our choices. And the beauty of this is that we don’t even have to consciously remember all that we have amassed. What we can do is to trust in that first thought, that ah-ha moment that tells us that it is the perfect choice


Addressing the issue of the Draconians that a friend brought up, I realize that in my writings and various things I have read, I am referring to the Draconians as the Reptilians. I feel that they are the same, or of the same base of species. The Reptilians have been the renegades of our universe since its inception, and it seems their purpose in this universe is to be the mirror to what we are not as lightbeings and representatives of love. Interesting that in the world of photography in past times, before the world of digital photography, the negative is the result of mirroring the actual real image of the figure that has been recorded, or represented. From the negative comes the clear and ‘real’ image that we know and love.


Is this not what we see in our world, our universal perspective? We set before us the idea that we are of this world, and that we are unto ourselves and there is no other that is real. Our mirror image, or our negative image is not who we really are; it is our shadow self. Interesting the use of shadow in telling of the darkness that we regard as being the negative and not of the light, or of love. Perhaps it is time to see that the darkness is representative of love, without the clarity of who we really are, and of the light that shines upon the truth.


That brings me to the idea of Maldek, and how it figures into our reality. Are we really living the history of Maldek and how it affects us now? Are we not following our old ideas that began on that planet that gave us our start in the pursuit of how far we could stray from our Truth? How could we not follow that old idea and that old history without beginning the treadmill of experience, without having a different example to take us on another road, a different path?


Why would we take that path if we did not see that we could choose anew, make another choice, another reality from which we could create another destiny? And how could we have made that choice birthed from that other idea if we had not already known that we were destined for something that went beyond the ideas and actions of the day? Does that not speak of horizons that extend back and forwards from the birth of existence to the birth of more existence? How can we separate any part of our existence from our moment of choice right now?


The secret to the perfect choice is to live the moment as fully and succinctly as we can. Do it in a way that goes beyond the issue of forgiveness of wrong choices, for there is no such thing. Go beyond what we chose in another moment, for that other moment is part of what was then, is in now, and the now is more than it was when that other choice was made.


Maldek happened, is happening, is yet to happen. Nibiru is, was, is yet to be. Earth is, is yet to be, was. This universe is, was, is yet to be. Do you see what I am saying? At any time in the circle of energy we can reach in and touch what we have created and say it is the beginning, end, or now, no matter what it represents in our total experience. So how can you consider that there is one thing that is not a factor in how we evolve and how we can make a choice in our present reality/moment?


Let’s bring this up to our present reality and how we go from here, this very moment. How would you like to go? What would you like to bring into consideration for the choices you make? Then do it. Bring what you consider into your choices. Regard your reality in the way that you see your world to be and to have been, or will be. How can anyone say that there is a wrong or right way, when it is all what it is at the moment of thought?


Go now and live your life in consideration of what you tune into. It is all your choice and you can create your world according to that choice. Do you choose to have a world that is wrought with war, strife, famine, and poverty? Then tune into that world that is put forward in the ‘outerness’ of your world. Do you choose to create your world in promise, potential and maybe? Then live that one step to be lived in the future. Do you choose to create your world in love, prosperity, peace and joy? Then choose that reality and live it to the fullest.


You do not have to be enslaved to that which is another’s idea of reality. You do not! You can be the reality that you choose. You are the reality that you choose. Even this carrier of these words need not be the representative of your choice, or idea of how to create your world. Live it your way, as fully as you choose. Then realize that you alone are responsible for your choice of world. No one else can enslave you, or bring to you that which you do not choose. Once you realize that to the fullest, then it becomes your reality. Be that which you choose and do it in the fullness that is Truth in action. Be that which you choose, and choose again and again as you tumble through life. Honor yourself and love who you are at all times, for Spirit does, without end.


Thank you all for who you are,

Love, Nancy Tate