March 11, 2009                





My dear ones, I am Avenda this day, come to visit with you again. As we go through these days of unrest and tribulation we are apt to forget that which is beautiful and flowing in our lives. We are very much gaining our independence from the masses of lies that have been bestowed upon us, for there is very little that we have been told that represents the truth.


As this shift changes and the truth of what has been reported come out into the open, we are well to remember that in the days of ancient times, even before earth was a planet, habitable and serene, it was the birthplace of the new way of being. It was planned by the Creator God that there be a place where rescue could be carried out and brought to a time such as what we are experiencing now.


As the days and months roll on and we are fed more lies, we are also shown through our inner and outer vision that which is representative of the truth. Why is that? It is because we are awakening to that which we have been carrying with us since we were first catapulted out into the universe when Maldek exploded.


Yes, our first go-round at this was on Maldek. We were given that planet on which to seek our truth and to carry forth in the manner that would serve to show us who were are not. We evolved on that planet in such a way that we became comfortable with what we had accomplished. We arrived at a station in life where we could realize many of our gifts and as we did so, we sent out a message to the outlying planets.


The race known as the Draconians tuned into our vibrational message. They began their attempt at interceding with us and overcoming our triumph. They played their games and interspersed themselves amoung us in ways that began to turn our heads and to persuade us to their temptations. As this happened, we were taken in and began to fall from our own promise. As the lightbeings from the planet Mushaba came and advised us as to our capabilities, we began to honor them more than we honored ourselves. We put them on a pedestal and revered them as our Gods.


This is what led to our downfall, for the Mushaba beings were there to reflect to us our own light and abilities. We had allowed ourselves to listen to our ego-selves and the fear that we had so recently risen from. And we succumbed to the temptations, expecting to be rescued. Eventually we became the victims of our own state of dependence on others for our salvation.


You see even before Maldek was destroyed we had fallen away from ourselves enough so that when our souls were catapulted into the universe, floating around, lost and full of fear, we encapsulated all of that fear in a way that kept us captured for many revolutions. As we were rescued by lightbeings on many highly evolved planets we were nourished back to some semblance of our former enlightenment. We then agreed to go to a new planet that had been created and readied for our descent. That planet was earth.


This planet that we walk on, that has seen the many stages of this journey back to ourselves, has given us this second chance to become who we are. This is our second chance to return to the anti-matter state of being from whence we came. This is the Grace of the Creator that we have heard so much about. This is our wish and intention to be able to fully realize once again who we are and what we are capable of doing.


Do you feel the changes that come about every time that you rise from another challenging period of time, whether it is a day, a week, or several? Do you recognize that with these changes you are feeling lighter and freer? Are you becoming that person you know down deep that you are? Are you recognizing that the difficulties you sometimes experience in the past year have been designed by your soul to dredge out all of the old memories of not only what you have experienced on earth, but as well what you experienced on Maldek? Perhaps you have asked yourself why what you just flowed through felt so foreign and out of sync. My dear friends, it is because you were clearing out the residues of Maldek. You were going to the source of what you have been evolving from here on earth.


You are powerful beings. I see you as I see all of us, flying through the air and landing on a planet that is our perfection. This is the time for all of us to recognize that we are here in triumph over our former memories. We are already past the old idea of Armageddon, for that idea was based on the destruction of Maldek. We are on our way to the anti-matter reality. However, wait a moment and see how that feels. Try it on in your heart and feel it as it scintillates the soul. Remember that the same energies, the same ones that contributed to what catapulted us out into the oblivion from which we came have been re-enacting what they did on Maldek. Reach out to them with your hearts and souls, and know that they are here only because they have been fed by our fear of them and what they represent.


Our salvation this time around, as always, is through our love, which overrides the fear, which renders it immobile and then transforms it to love. Love does not destroy; it heals. It is an energy that is at the base of all there is. Love overcomes all else. So when you hear another report of strife in the world, send your love to those who are at the core of that fear-based issue. See that person or group in a soft golden-pink light of truth and know that as you do, so do you engulf yourself in that light.


As we catch up with our future and live its beauty, we recognize that we live it now, in this moment. We recognize also that we live our past in this moment, and in so doing we render it the same as our present. Bit by bit, heartbeat by heartbeat, wave after wave of universal love, our atoms return to that state from which we came. We ready ourselves for that one Blessed moment in time when we overcome time and see the return of the anti-matter bliss that we were when we were first created.


That is happening now, my dear ones. We are now in that in between time, the time in which we are combining all of the expressions of the ages and sorting them through and through, making them all one in our minds and souls, rendering them our oneness in body mind and Spirit in our consciousness.


Carry this knowledge through the next times and know that as you do you strengthen the flow through the make believe world and into the world that is Truth. Every time that your atoms listen to what the photons reverberate to you, they receive the Truth, which never ends and never changes from the pure evolvement of all of existence.


Go now into the rest of your day, and walk in the knowledge that all is perfect. Live the joy that is always there for you to tap into, stop, take a deep breath, and allow the Truth of your Spirit to whisper to you, “We are love. That is all we need.”


Thank you dear Avenda,

Love, Nancy Tate