March 23, 2008               Click Here for Printable





It came upon a midnight clear

That all was not as wanted here.

Then came a whisper of love that said

What would you rather have instead?


Would you upon a midnight clear

Want snow and clouds or skies so dear?

Would you behold a bright new day,

And tell all here to stay and pray?


Or would you cower to the throng

Who did you bad; who did you wrong?

Would you rise up and declare your rights,

And would you go through the nights


Of Holy Scripture and loving deeds

And sow your gardens with the seeds

Of love and justice mighty all,

And compassionate thoughts upon the fall


Of all that goes against the flow

Of light and music to help you grow

Into the embrace of your own soul

And supports and guides you to the whole


Of God’s great grace and energy

That sees and moves into the sea

Of love and passion all the way

To bringing back your rightful day


Of truth and peace o’er all the land

Come now my dear ones this is so grand!

For you are here and so am I;

We together shall all fly


Into the sunset of times untold

For we are all so full and bold

That we can weather any storm

For this is how a new world we form.


Come now on this day of resurrection and joy

For we are all Gods, girls and boys

Born in love and reared in peace

To go forth into the new release


To untold treasures that are about

To land on your hearts and all about.

There is no limit that is to see

For all is grand in harmony


With the celestial song

Of right and wrong,

There is no judgment upon the dawn

There is only this sweet song.


My dear ones, I come to you this day with a song and a prayer for all that is in your lives right now. I come to show you how to rise above that which seems to be looming over your heads and in your hearts. All that does not feel as a song and a prayer is not to be noticed as power or might. It is the last vestiges of that which is rearing its head for the last refrain of days gone by. It is the uproaring of the times of old, and as we watch and observe from our places on high we know that those places are our elevated way of seeing that which we have created and that which we have learned from.


We go now and leave that old news behind. We treasure the new ways that flow richly from our hearts and from our minds, for there is only that which beckons and that which is seen bright shining and new. Give homage to that which is leaving, for it set the stage for the fulfillment of that which we came here for. We have seen how far we can stray from home, and we have seen that the return is but a twinkle and a turn around to the sun of everlasting love. We are released from the folly of all that is not jolly.


Come now my dear family and see the trails across the sky as one of the remnants that speak to you of goodbyes and hellos to the new clean, clear skies of tomorrow that we bring into the today of our love. Know your power and see the might with which you clear away the debris of yesteryear, for it is all gone in the twinkling of an eye and the singing forth of the song of freedom. Make that song your daily refrain and sing into the heavens of your soul on earth. Now is the time for the resurrection of your own innate self. Rise now and see who you are, and know that it is glorious.


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate

I would like to add a brief message that I received the other day from a recently departed soul, Sam,  who was the brother of a dear friend, Anakhanda Mushaba, who has introduced us to the Mushaba Force. Here it is:

I would like to insert a message right now for Nancy, and that is to continue with her work on the chemtrails, for the advantage this information will bring is to reawaken some people to what their path is at this time. With this new website she is going to generate an interest in taking back ones’ rights and in that way she will be providing a means by which people will open up and see the Light.

Though the chemtrails will all be cleared and the spraying will cease in the times to come, it is a necessary part of the evolvement of the human race and their ability to tune into their capacity for rising above what is earthly and of the illusion. Nancy is following her calling to the tee and as she continues she will see what will come of it.

(Nancy: I thank you dearly, dear Sam, for I needed to hear this. Of course you knew that.)