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St. Germain


My dear ones there is no grander display of courage than to see the candidates as they march forward and choose their stands as they do. I Am St. Germain, and I say courage because on a level that the public is not aware of these men and women cast a shadow on the truths that are coming forth in the byways and highways of the internet and with these truths there are many untruths that seek to distract those who believe in the power of thought.


With the power of thought there is a multitude of avenues that are opened up every second. These avenues are either supplanted with more energy and come into being as streams of consciousness, or they merge and become other thoughts to which more focus and energy is given. This is that to which I speak as I say that the candidates have courage. They have the courage of their convictions, or so it would seem. They have the courage to step forth and represent themselves in the manner that speaks of what they feel the people want, and what they desire for the people. It is with a great deal of truth that people see the differences, in many cases, in what they desire and what the candidates present as what they desire.


It is not my wish to make this a political message, rather more one that addresses the power of thought, and itís ramifications in life. As you go down the road to your destiny, you do so with the examples and inspiration of others. You are able to see what it is that results from certain actions, and from the thoughts that create the actions. As you do this you are able to see the relativity of your thoughts to your actions.


You know how this works and I do not need to go into depth. I bring these platitudes up for a purpose. Suppose that in the next days, weeks, months you find that your thoughts seem almost to precede themselves with your actions? Look at what you do, and ask yourself, what are these thoughts that I am having about what I just did? I had no idea about what I just did; I just did it. Was I asleep; was I coerced by some part of my brain to do what I did, without thinking?


And what of the result of that action? Was it that it fit the moment to a tee, or did it seem out of place? Was what you did the result of allowing, or was it planned out and then followed through? No, you say, I just did it; then I looked at what I did and I thought, well that was the right thing to do. How often has this happened for you recently? Is it more like the normal thing to do, or is it foreign, yet inviting?


What is taking place in these energies is that your instinctual and innate being is leading you through the choices of life, whether it be as to who to vote for, or what to do with your next step. Are you looking at the candidates, and with your mind saying that you would vote for a certain one because of what he says and does, while at the same time are drawn to another candidate, though you canít put a reason to it, other than there is something about that person that you canít dismiss?


I suggest that you follow and honor that feeling. In these next weeks and months allow yourself to be neutral concerning the candidates. Take yourself to a place where you can see the fullness of those who are vying for the Presidency. Allow your intuition to guide you and see where it takes you. Make a choice for anything in life, and then think about why you made it. Allow yourself that spontaneity, and see what comes from it. Rather than seeing it as the rarity in your life, see it as the norm. Then look at your life and how it has evolved since you deliberately began to pay attention. You are your own best teacher; honor that.


I come to you in this way for a purpose. You are in the throes of ascension, and in that process you are undergoing many changes in your DNA and in your being. Your physical body is actually changing, and those changes for a time may not be as you like them. They may feel foreign and even uncomfortable. I suggest that you accept these changes as part of the process that brings you to the anti-matter state. This is a time of great change on earth, and everything is changing along with you.


There are some changes that you may not be aware of, and that is because of the relativity that takes place. As all things change, including you, you do not see the changes unless you stop and go to the neutral space and allow the vision, or knowledge of those changes come into your awareness. Once you do that, once you have been able to see from a feeling or intuitive point of view, then you are able to not only realize the changes that you have already experienced, you will feel a new oneness with all there is.


As that happens, you will have taken yourself to a new height of awareness and that will open another door for you to q deeper understanding of who you are and what this world is all about in your life. You will then be able to look at events, such as the upcoming election, and be able to see your part in the evolution and ascension of this and all other events in your life, and the life of all on earth.


Realize the power you hold. See that power in the brightest star in your vision, and know the power that transforms your life. See how you can wisely, and with truth create your world in a way that matches your vibration, and then know that this is the same vibration that brings you in harmony with the rest of creation. In this way, all that is in harmony will stand and move forward, and all that is not in harmony will fall away to be recycled and renewed in the energy of the whole.


Do you see now why I see the courage in the actions of the candidates? It is because I have stood back and seen the energy by which these people have stepped forward. On a soul level they have set themselves up as representatives of the people, this is their role at this time. This is the picture they paint, and it is the vision that you see. What else do you see in that picture? What is the truth and what is the illusion? Once you recognize that and act on it, then you will be creating in your truth and you will be setting up a vibration in which your essence is being represented. That is the road to the creation of perfection. That is your road, and you walk it well. Step forward in your power ad create that which you intend for your life right now.


Thank you dear St. Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate