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Because so many of you have expressed an interest in and thoughts on which religious factions are coming together in unity, I have come once again to elaborate on this subject. I have been involved with many of the aboriginals on this planet of late ad since they are the early ancestors of the people on the planet I will explain a few details about their origins.


These aboriginals came here hundreds of thousands of years ago, and for the most part have incarnated into their own generational expressions. They have done this in order to keep the strains pure, and the memories intact. In this regard we have with us a walking talking encyclopedia of earth’s inhabitants and their history.


Though these people have not taken of themselves to be a part of the societal experiences of earth, they have been able to contract and record all of the aspects of earth through their abilities of the recognition of the vibrational energies and expressions of earth. They have been able to record in their own akashic records the interventions of their activities in the earth activities since their arrival on the planet.


The way that they access this information is through their ceremonial activity and the use of their own unique capacities to delve beyond the material and human instincts of earth life, of the density that overrides the awareness of the majority of humanity. They do this in a way that only can be accessed in these ways. This prevents any outside source from being able to infiltrate and disrupt or change in any way the material that is recorded, for that storage ‘facility’ is located in the ethers.


As the religions were formed on earth the aboriginals saw that they would have the most unique and powerful influence on earth society, for it involved not only the worship following, it also involved the emotional and reasoning aspects of humanity. It involved the sense of guilt and love as well as the sense of judgment and of following the leader. It has been a classic example of people giving their power away to an establishment.


You can see how this aspect of earth life would be the first in line to be reformed and united in the cause for unity on earth. With the religions being the first aspect of the idea of duality, it follows that it would be the first to be transformed. With this transformation we can experience the first unmistakable means by which humanity can come back to their innate sense of who they are and to be aware that they have indeed given away their sovereignty.


Look at how the religions of the world have impacted humanity. It has been the single most powerful factor, and now it is falling away at a rate that exceeds even our expectations. It is beginning in the Middle East and is continuing throughout the rest of the world. What happens when any sect begins to take on an energy of consolidation with the others is that the vibration of that act rings through all of the same frequencies and speaks that language of unity, of transformation.


With the Islam, Moslem and other belief systems of the Middle East, we are seeing a flowing through of that frequency through all of the religions. With the Christians it is the Protestants who are responding the most at this time. We are seeing a stirring in the Catholics and the Unitarians and we are seeing that the rest of them will soon follow.


You are surprised perhaps that the Unitarians are responding, for they have been one of the systems that are close to the actual truth of Spirit. I am saying that all religious beliefs, no matter where they are on the spectrum are responding and inviting in the ideas of all others in the spectrum. It is the idea of separatism that is being transformed, and the beginning of the ability to see the unity of all the ideals as being one with the individualization of the cultural aspects of each coming forward, and respected and honored.


This is the beginning of the idea of unity on earth. This is the feeding ground for the idea that we all come from the same Source and we each have our own unique way to express that. We of the Federation see this as a giant leap into the coming age of awareness. As you all change your ideas about the societal aspects of living on earth, then you will also reach out and recognize not only that there exists life beyond the surface, and within earth, you will all recognize that the universe is populated with all species of family. You will once again direct your attention to the family that resides ‘out there’ in the skies and within the star systems that you gaze upon every starlit night.


As your various aspects of earthlife change and grow along with you, there will be a co-operation with all of us. We will indeed operate in that family orientation. First it begins at home, right where you are in this moment. I encourage any of you who have issues with your genetic families to resolve them if you can, and if that does not happen, to resolve it in your own hearts and minds. That is the first step to closing the gap between ‘us and you’. There is not ‘us and you’, and as you live that you will find that there is so much more than you can imagine at this time, and you will also know that it is all involved with what you are a part of and have been since the beginning of the existence of life beyond The Source.


I encourage you all to assess your lives right now and to see what is taking place in it. How does it relate to the rest of humanity? Does it at all resemble a family? Does it need healing in any way? Do you regard any part of earthlife as lacking in integrity and in love and compassion? If so, then look to your own personal life and take care of that. See your life as representing that of humanity and take the steps that will unite all of the factors in your life so that you are whole and complete within the aspect that is you.


Upon doing this, you will see a major difference in what takes place around you. Though the appearances may not seem to differ, there will be a feeling of unity that emanates from your heart and soul, and that will be transmitted to all with whom you come in contact. Imagine the effect this will have on the world if every third person, or even every twelfth, or hundredth person does this. Imagine the swift and complete transformation that will come about. Realize it all can happen with one person, and that one person is YOU.


Imagine that you are in yourself a religion. See your ideals, beliefs and followings as a separate unto itself religion. How would you change that separate idea and bring it into unity with another and another? That is where it starts. That is what can free you of all the obstacles in your life.


Do you wish that you could bring the happiness of childhood back into your life? Do it! Take a few minutes, sit back and relax, and return in your mind and heart to a time when you were happy and innocent. You may have to return to another lifetime, or the moment of conception, or birth. You can find it, I promise you. All you have to do is will it to your present moment and then allow yourself to be that innocence. Remember how it feels and relate that feeling to your present life. Carry it with you and expand on it so that your present life begins to clear, so that you feel that freedom more and more. Then you will begin to attract the same energies of that feeling into your life.


You are the most powerful being in your life; remember that. You alone can transform your life, for you are within your core the expression of The Source of all. You have that ability to create your life in the image and way of being that is The Source. Bring the religions of the world together in harmony in your own world, and watch the miracles happen.


Blessed are the days of wine and roses, for they are the nectar and the essence of Spirit.


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate