March 25, 2008              





My dear ones, I Am Hatonn coming to you this day to tell you of a development in the affairs of your world. Today with a short amount of preparation an agreement has been come to with two different sects of religions. This is an agreement in which these two have come to an understanding of what is behind their interpretations of the Bible and what they mean to those who follow them. They have come to see the common ground from which their religions were formed and how they relate with each other in a way that not only represents their willingness to the see the big picture, but of how they individually represent the cultural aspects from which they sprang.


This is a major step for the people of the world who have been at odds with the way they worship, for with the differing ideas has come a division that supercedes that of any other part of earth society. With this coming together of the differing ideals of worship there is also the coming together of the co-operation of the people who are involved.  This is a major step in the restoration of Oneness on this planet, for the philosophies of these religious sects on earth have long been responsible for the differences between humanity.


With these changes coming about on earth, we are seeing a unitedness beginning to form in places where once the chasm was greater than the seas of Galilee. Where once these differences split families, and communities they now are joining and celebrating their common beliefs. They are collaborating in many ventures and they are co-joining in many humanitarian ventures that are making a difference for the people involved and for those who are on the ‘outside’ looking in.


For those who are observing the changes there is a decided rumination about their own lives and where the differences in their philosophical ideas come from. These people are looking at what has motivated them to certain actions and beliefs and are looking at others with a degree of openness. This will bring about a reunion of many cultures and with a respect and appreciation for the uniqueness of those cultures without the thought of judgment and condemnation.


These are the kinds of changes that are bringing about the new world. These are the undercurrents that bring about the revelatory changes that meet the criteria of ideal and changing energies that bring about the newness of all aspects of earthlife. When you see a certain clergy at the pulpit invite the neighboring parishioners to their functions in the energy of togetherness, then you know that there is a movement taking place that is headed for greatness. It is a time for all people to look at what they hold dear in their hearts and see how they coincide with the ideals of their neighbors. Though these ideals may seem different, when you go back to the core you will see the same seed; that seed is Love.


This is an important beginning, my dear ones. This is the opening of the door to unity, and to the realization that one can think for oneself and still honor that which is in their hearts as it is translated in the ways in which one lives their lives and how they worship their deities. It opens the door to the sublime, and it takes one beyond the old patterning and programmed ideals of life into the wholeness of the spectrum of Light that is Love for all there is.


I share with you today this move toward unity and I see in your hearts and souls the celebration of that which is inherent in your lives. I see the joy with which this is opening a whole new way of being human. It is a joy for us and a thankfulness for the light to be shining forth in this metamorphosis of the human soul. It is a song that is being sung throughout heaven and the chorus reverberates with the tones you are all sending forth throughout your universal Home. We join with you and we sing the song that rings forth from your hearts.


Glory Be, for this is a time to rejoice!


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate