March 16, 2008                



Hi Everyone,

Wayne St. John, who wrote One Love for the Planet , has written another masterpiece, 'In This Skin (First Contact)'. You may go to:  to listen to it, and to read the lyrics. You may also read his comments and dedications for the song.

Also find links to go to various YouTubes featuring EXOPOLITICS, Dr. Steven Greer, Dr. Richard Boylan and George Green.

I have another announcement for you today. In the next day or two I will be launching my new website. Watch this list for the news of its launch. The subject matter is chemtrails, a subject that has been featured on the Tree of the Golden Light; the new site goes into it in depth.

Hatonn has a short and sweet word for you now. He just told me that, so I haven't even got a clue as to what it is. Here we go!

My dear ones, do you realize the timeliness of these two subjects, and the ease with which they blend together? This is no accident that the timing is as it is, for with this announcement comes the realization that there is something a-brewing in the skies and at home for you on planet earth.

As we meander down the streets of time, and then observe what has been taking place in the past twenty years we see this immense, long drawn out line of events and then we see this minut particle of light at the end of that ribbon of road that swirls and curls and meanders around and about itself.

That particle of light is Now dear ones. That particle represents the end of this old phase of planet earth, and the end of the ribbon that has been lit up like a fuse on a stack of dynamite. That spark is going to obliterate and make nill all that has come before, and when it is no more in your beingness as explosive energy, then you will be set free in the new energies of Love and Light. The explosion will be figurative, for it will be as a bursting upon the scene of a whole new world.

In the meantime, as the fuse continues to burn away the old energies you will be experiencing the releases of the old. That is one of the reasons for bringing forth the measures one can take to live in these present energies, and one of them is to take your world back into your hands as much as you can, and to sing through all of those times. With this dedication to the restoration of your heaven on earth, we are joining you in any way that we can. It is a co-operative venture we are involved with. It requires your example of being dedicated to that which you intend.

Go forth now, and sing, dance, be merry, and do it all as you take back your world and do it with the authority that is inherrent with you. We're right by your side, forever.

Love You all, Hatonn

Well, dear friends, I like that message! I so thank dear Hatonn for bringing this word to us at this time of new beginnings. Go now and listen to Wayne as he sings of our place now and what we are celebrating.