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There is a time in everybodyís life when they must stand up and be counted. This is one of those times. As we see what is taking place on earth we rejoice and we count not only our blessings but the blessings of the whole universe, for you are increasing in numbers the amount of power that you are directing to the cause for peace.


I Am Sananda, and in this message I respectfully give you our update as to the status of earthlife and its perseverance in the call for peace and the unity of a human species. Not only are you united in intent you are as well uniting with all of life on your planet to bring an end to the darkness which is expressing on your world. You are evolving at a rapid pace, and with that swiftness you are releasing all of the old ideas of how to best create your world. Now you are seeing that there is no future in tyranny Ďcept to replace it with a love that superceeds all else. There is no room for anything but the multi expressions of love in the times to come, for with love comes the understanding of who one is and how to express that in a way that bespeaks the love of the Creator.


As I relay this message to this one, I do so with a great deal of compassion for what you are all undertaking, and the experience of it that many are feeling. This is a challenging time for many, for there is much that is being released. When we see the fortitude that you all express in the release we see the trueness of who you are and how you have expanded on that state of being.


Yes, as you have come up through the ages of duality you have grown in the scope of understanding and wisdom, and in turn you have expanded our vision of how we all can go forward from this moment and create anew, with the love that surpasses all.


Give me a moment and Iíll give you an eternity. Give me a hug and Iíll give you an embrace that spans forever. Give me a tear and Iíll wipe it clean with a rainbow of love. Give me a smile and Iíll encircle you forever with its promise.


As we reach out and allow what is presented to come into being, we do so with the authority of the Source within. We do so with the love that encompasses the masses and we give unto ourselves with a fistful of promise fully opened and extended to the world. That fist that once represented the anger and frustration of uncontrollable mire, is now open and receiving the love that heals and rejuvenates. Allow that love to dwell within your being and feel the warmth spread throughout washing all of the old away leaving the door open for the divinity to flow in and tickle the innermost child into giggles and rejoicing. There is no time anymore, only the moment of love that is upon you.


As the world outside your door creeps in and begins to penetrate call in that child of love and joy and allow it to reach out in innocence and wash away that which is not real. It is the miracle of healing that is accomplished in a moment, and in that moment is the promise of the next, and of eternal bliss. Give your travail unto the Christ within and feel the love that superceeds all else, bathing you with the truth of who you are, and the ability to spread that truth throughout your world. Then watch your world strengthen and spread into the vastness of the cosmos tickling the senses of all there is with the love of a feather finely tuned with the music of The Creator.


There is no finer time than now, for in this now moment is the potential for the finest of miracles. With the miracles comes the knowledge that a miracle is that which was once declared impossible, and is now an everyday occurrence. Miracles abound on earth and in the heavens. Miracles of lives being born that produce results and bring about the miracles. You are born anew every moment, for you are changing that rapidly.


We see the changes, even though you may not. As we watch the reel go by ever so slowly, or at a pace that speeds on to eternity, we see what you do not see in your regulated rate of life. Some day you will see as we do. Now you catch glimpses now and then, do you not? You have seen on occasion how your world is going topsy-turvy from time to time, and you feel no control over it. Today you can realize that it is all under your control, for you create your experience with every moment of your wakefulness. Someday that will be your reality and that someday can be now. Know it to be and experience that now moment where it can be as you deem it to be.


I leave now and welcome you to your day. This is a fine one and the only one you have right now this moment. Make your day/moment as you desire and watch the miracles unfold into the realms of everyday. This is your world, and what does not look or feel like love is not real. Remember the next time you pick up a newspaper, or flick on the television news, that it is all a product of the unreal. It is the picture show that is being paraded before you now. If you decide to sit and engage in what you see and hear, then do so with the full knowledge that what is being portrayed is all the play; see the love side of what is being reported and know it as your reality, for it is the only thing that is real.


Blessings sing to you in many ways. They come to you through many alleys, and they place themselves upon your doorstep in a myriad of shapes and forms. Recognize them as they come to your life and know that you are blessed in many ways. We love and honor you. Play this day, and be in peace.


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate