March 13, 2007                



Hi Everyone,
First an update: we finally helped get our dear friend moved to her new home yesterday. Now it is a matter of transferring and putting everything in its new place. We are all joyous about the move and the reunion that is taking place here. Other members of the family are here and that means plenty of hands and feet to help Doris get settled. There is going to be a bash tonight to celebrate three birthdays in this family, all in the first 4 days of March. More reason to rejoice. Bob and I feel like part of the family, and in Spirit we are all family.
Now for the message of the day.
As I wrote responding to one of our SSN members wonderful emails, I realized that this was perfect to post as my Wake up Call today. Thank you Spirit Eagle for sending this, and for prompting my response. This is such a valuable message for all of us today. It is heartwarming to know that many of you are aware of what is talked about in this message.
Spirit Eagle
[SSN] Thoughts


I'd like to share some of the insights that I have received regarding our jobs as Lightworkers. I believe that we are at a point where if we don't DEAL with our "issues (behaviors from our pasts and present) AND Change them, we are going to miss the "Ascension" boat this time!


It seems to me that a lot Lightworkers are Waiting to be healed of past emotional traumas from this life and past life problems by the Galactic Federation or magically healed when we are in 5th Dimension. There ARE NO Shortcuts! WE have to Face ourselves: the good, the bad, the ugly, feel the pain that we refused to acknowledge, ALLOW it! Only when we can be Honest with ourselves, then we can heal ourselves.


The way I see it is that we can't be dragged kicking and screaming holding onto the "old baggage" of victimhood, "it's their fault", and refusal to examine one's contribution to any unpleasant situation that we have created in our lives. All of those emotions stay in cellular memory until they are "Cleared". A Psychic can't do it all for us. WE Have To Do The Work! It takes Courage! But we Are Warriors of the Light! We can do Anything we Really Want to Do!


I have found that it is crucial to examine oneself with honesty, clarity, and humility! If we heed all of the messages we have received from many wonderful sources, we can see that it boils down to You Are Ascended Masters. It is up to You! If we need help in this soul and behavioral search, often a trusted friend can help or a professional counselor.


Holding onto the 3D baggage doesn't allow us to progress to our full potential as Ascended Masters. There is no "magic bullet", no substitution for willingness to take responsibility for one's actions and then get onto the Ascension Ship. 3D Baggage isn't allowed!


WE are the Leaders! If We haven't done the Work how do we expect to lead others to their highest potential!


Blessings, Spirit Eagle


Response From Nancy:

Dear Spirit Eagle,

I totally agree! I know that as I approach what I recognize as another clearing of old stuff, it is sometimes extremely difficult to hold on to what I see as the fact of its purpose. I also find that after it is cleared and I am back to what I consider to be 'me', I am a little bit different. I feel lighter, more at peace, and happy to be beyond that episode. Usually in those times I am morose, angry, depressed, any of that kind of emotion that feels all too familiar. It's like ...I thought I was done with that! Or, where did that come from???
Another gift that comes from these episodes is that I notice another acceleration of the clearing of the psoriasis I've been carrying since I was ten. I purposely haven't entered into an aggressive treatment again because I told myself that I will heal this once and for all, and it will not come back, as has been its pattern. I add Miracle 11 gel to the wholistic lotion I use, and I rejoice in every day seeing a change. It does work, and I'm convinced that we can cure ourselves of whatever physical disruption we carry. First we have to decide that is what we shall do, and then we have to let go of the specific way to do it, other than surrendering to Spirit and knowing that we will be led to the ultimate victory. 
I know that part of my journey is through these emotional revisitings, and I also know that they do not last long, and they accomplish what they come back through to do. It is a matter of clearing out the old emotional memories that have accumulated over our lifetimes. That is what caused us to forget who we are; that is what will enable us to remember who we are by being clear of the baggage that we have held on to for so long.
Yes, it is our journey, and though our celestial and universal family is there for us, they cannot do the job for us. We told them way back then that this is our party, and we have to do it all, from start to finish. We can accept their help, but they can't offer it until we ask for it on a soul level. And when it is on a planetary level it has to be a significant number of us who do the asking. 
So let's all stop waiting and get out there and do what we are asking for. We'll find that there will be times when it will be unmistakable that we're getting help from above, and it'll be when we are doing what we can to take care of the situation. That's one sure way of asking for help, when we step in and do our part, and leave the rest to those who are in a position to assist us to our cause. That's why the situations on this planet don't all get resolved overnight. We are calling the shots, and we are learning from it, and so is our family from the cosmos. They're learning how far a species will go without the love of the Creator being foremost in their lives. Let's learn how swiftly and surely we can regain our self-knowledge through our actions and through living who we are in every moment of our lives. With every stumble and fall along the way, we pick ourselves up, brush ourselves off, and announce, "I'll take a different turn the next time. Truth will prevail!"