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Nancy& Gorgon

Last night as I began to close my eyes to sleep, I asked for a message from Spirit. I asked for an answer to what is coming for us, and immediately I felt a beautiful energy coming in and enveloping me with love. It was surrounding me and comforting me, assuring me of its love and protection.

I was introduced to a winged being who called himself Gorgon. He was immense and yet in no way formidable. The love that emanated from him was total and immeasurable. He began to speak to me of things to come. He told me of what was to come for me in the next months of the year, answering only the questions I asked.

He then told me that when the time comes for us to ascend, we would do so while still on the earth, and that we would begin our new lives in our lightbodies on earth so that we would ground ourselves to the earth. We would then take ourselves to the ships and traverse the cosmos, exploring our former homes and re-acquainting ourselves with our cosmic family. It would be the grand reunion.

In the meantime, Mother Gaia here on earth will be making her final preparations for our return. It was as a mother shoos her children off to play while she does a major cleaning job back home. She tells us to go off now and play, for she has lots to do and doesn’t want us underfoot.

Then when we return we find our home all spanking clean and ready for us to begin anew on our own planet, making it our home once again. Only this time it will be different. We will know who we are and what we are truly capable of. We will apply that knowledge and wisdom to the rebuilding of our treasured home. We will delight in the process for we will share it with all of our earth family.

We won’t be overcrowded on earth either, for all those aspects of our own original souls who first populated earth will have been reintegrated. We will honor Mother Earth and we will honor each other. All that takes place will be to express our love and our peace of mind. We will live in joyous harmony building a life on earth that represents our new way of being, in the furtherance of who we have become through our time here in the duality.

This is the first time I have been told of our time off planet and have made sense of it. Before when that idea has come from within or from some other source, I have questioned it. This time I was able to see the sense it made, when seen through the eyes of a child being lovingly told how it was to be by its mother, and feeling the love from which came the knowledge of truth.

In the meantime, before this all happens we have work to do; we have life to live and we have clearing/releasing to do. We are all doing that in one way or another, and when we are done with it, then we will soar into our new life, ecstatic and heavenbound.

This week has been one of release for many people. It has been a physical release for me and for those dear ones around me here in Safford. Yes, we have all experienced a letting go on a physical level of much old stuff, and we have had reports that people all across the country have as well. Each time we let go of old stuff, we rise a bit more in vibration, therefore assisting Gaia to the same. We ride the waves of love and compassion and then we settle into the new place we’ve come to and continue the journey further into the freedom we so long for.

All this is clearing us, and is shortening time, condensing it to a space that is ten times divided by what it used to take to accomplish something. We are readying ourselves for the great release and our ability to take off into the heavens for our grand reunion, and subsequent return to a spanking clean house, ready for our own touches to make it home once again.

This time we will do it in a grand fashion, and we will do it co-operatively, for that will be our nature, united in our quest to build a new earth that reeks with the perfume of all that we are and can be. We will express who we are and we will find joy in the sharing with which we will incorporate our new home into the cosmic Federation and the universal Unitedness that is our family. We will be whole and united once more in the new way of being that we have learned from as we close the door on the duality chapter of our lives.

Gorgon is with us now as I close this message and ready myself for my day and the treasures it holds. I so dearly love this new freedom to sit at the computer any time, day, hour, of any week to bring you a Wake up Call, without feeling I have to do it only certain days. I welcome in the new, giving thanks to the old for showing me the way to the new me, and the new way of being in our collective journey to the stars.

Thank you dear Gorgon,

Love, Nancy Tate