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I have a message for you all of import to the world affairs and that of war. As we see the revelations continue with the antics of war and the generalizations of the people involved, we are seeing also the interest of the people to watch as all of these influences unfold, and the effect they have on the actual warring itself.


We see that unless there is much energy given to the antics they fall away and become but mere pittances of nothing in the memory of a very few. This is suggestive of the fact that once something is given energy it survives, and when it is forgotten it falls away into the memories of only those who produce them.


This is an unending way in which the experience of earthlings has come to all of the waves of evolution. An issue is brought forth and depending on the attention given it either survives or whispers away into antiquity. There is nothing in earth life, or universal life for that matter, that can survive without attention given it. In this way there can be no ‘wrongdoing’ if everyone sees it as such. If one sees any action as merely part of the process and only alive in the moment of its conception, then there can be no repetitious pattern established that carries something to extreme.


This is what is seen in individual lives, as well as on a worldwide scale. As you all watch the play-acting that is taking place in the world of politics you can see a pattern established that has been given much energy. You can also see what comes and goes with barely a whisper of recognition.


Does this sound at all like your societal stage in the USA? How often does something come to light that is heard no more of? What is it that determines what is to be an issue and what is to be swept under the rug with no further attention? This is what you can give energy silently to and watch the remnants of what once was come to the surface at a later time, as a swimmer who submerges and comes up yards from the place he was last seen.


This is how one can give voice to something that has been gagged. Give it your voice silently on the energy plane and know that as you do it will resurface and will bear the fruit of its seed. When you hear of something that you feel can make strides toward truth, then give it attention in a positive manner and allow the energy of truth to carry it along with your light.


There is nothing too austere to be forgotten. There is only that which is given attention that can survive and be recognized. Seeing how an issue is labored upon and thrown into the public eye constantly can give you an example of how diversions are created. It is a sure sign that when something inundates the media it is of little consequence to the truth, for it serves a purpose for those who would see it continue.


You have the power to bring the truth to the light of day. You, with your silent, yet unrelenting voice can serve humanity with your perseverance and you dedication to the truth as you feel it. You can move mountains and swell seas with your knowing that peace and love are at work and making a difference in a way that needs no constancy of recognition by the public. What can bring the truth to bear is the knowledge of its existence and the willingness of a few to hold it sure and steady in their heart and soul. This is the power of truth, held in promise for all mankind.


I am Hatonn this morn, and on this day I see much that is taking place by many of you who go about your daily lives and sing your songs of truth, holding fast with the knowledge that love is the wave that takes truth on its journey of light. When the results of that journey surface the light reveals the truth and with that truth comes the results of the power of love to heal and render all Itself.


Go into your day, with the knowledge that though there may not seem to be much taking place to bring this state of earth to a change toward peace, indeed much is swimming with promise. And as that promise reveals itself to the people of earth, the singing will expand into the streets and rejoicing will begin.


I bid you good day and know that you can make this day joyous and full of life born in truth and celebrated in joy and peace. Blessings are about to spring forth. Be ready for the jubilation.


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate