March 28, 2007                





On this day we bring you news from the capitol of the USA. We bring you news that will release many burdens from many people and isolate certain members of Congress and of the present reigning government from being able to practice their profession in the positions that they hold today. This will happen in the days and weeks to come and will be irrevocable.


I Am Hatonn, and I Am pleased to be back with this medium once again after her healing hiatus. She has uncovered much within herself and allowed its release in order to be able to bring this subject back to you once more. I repeat, there is nothing that can stop the momentum that is about to begin its roll downhill for those ones who are sitting in precarious positions now in the governmental offices that they employ and designate to their own purposes.


First you will likely see an evolution of the people. They will be opening their eyes to see what is before them and being played out in a way that is inexcusable to the people of this country and of the world. Though much of the rest of the world has seen with open eyes what, to those who are too close to see, has been taking place right under their noses, there is now taking place a reversal of that role that is being relegated to the members of congress and the highest positions in the land.


This role is being seen for what the Constitution of this land represents, and it is that the governing officials that are to have been duly elected by the people are to be representative of the people, rather than of their own ideas of how to govern and represent the people. The people are seeing that this has not been upheld for a long time, and in truth they will be realizing that they have only seen the tip of the iceberg. That is to come to light in the course of all of the revelations to come, and at that point there will be a consensus of opinion that the facts that will be presented will speak for themselves.


This is the time that we of the Federation have been awaiting. We have seen the potential in the people to come to this point, and in the last few months, even weeks, we have seen a stepping up of the energies of truth being unveiled before their eyes. The people have begun their journey upward to the truth of who they are and this also runs concurrently with the realization of what is before them. There is nowhere left to hide for anything that is not of truth, and that is the subject of this message.


This applies to all of the interpersonal lives of every individual on earth. As the outer world of government, business, education, commerce, all of earth matters comes under closer scrutiny by humankind, so too are their own personal lives and relationships. So too are the truths coming to bear and being put out for a laundering and appreciation of the new fresh, sparkling clean condition of those relationships. We are seeing a grand crescendo of promises fulfilled by all of you, and it brings tears of joy to our eyes and a lifting of our hearts into the splendor of joyous chorus.


We see that in the time to come there will be a grand celebration and in that time we will ring in the joyous applause, one to the other of our loved ones here on earth as to the totality of our cosmic family paying homage to the beauty of all on earth.


As we wind down this message, we hear some of you asking, but what about specifics; can you give us some details as to what will take place with the government’s collapse? We say at this time that it is for all to see as it takes place, for to give energy to a process that is born in the moment of creation would be to invoke more of the 3D essence that created it. This process is to be unfolded in a 4th dimensional manner and in so doing will propel the potential for the outcome into the 5th dimension. This is the way that you have called for it, and it is the way it shall be.


We tell you this, and it is that the road to truth displaying itself before you is swift and sure according to the standards that have thus far been promised. There is no turning back from the momentum that is even now underway. It is perfectly orchestrated by The Creator, and as it unfolds you will see the perfection in which it comes into being. Know that you have called for it. Know that the peace symbol etched in the capitol lawn is irrefutable proof that you are the bringers of the peace on earth as sure as the grass is greener and taller on the peaceful side of the fence.


We love and honor you, and we lay flowers at your feet for the blessings of restoration that you have bestowed upon yourselves. Peace be with you.


Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate