March 17, 2007                





I come to you on this St. Patrick’s Day and I ask you a question. If you were to do anything in your life that you wanted to do, and you had one hour to do it in before you then ascended, what would it be? Would you find the time you have to be all there is, or not enough? Would it feel like a promise for what is to come, or would it feel like there was nothing that would be good enough?


I ask these questions because there is a point at which you will be that close, and when it comes, you will know exactly what you will be doing in that hour. Now is the time in which you can begin the preparation for that time.


“But,” I hear you say.” I thought that by then I would know that there is no time and that what I will be doing in that moment will be of no consequence as long as it is of light and love!”


This is true my dear ones, yet I see already the wheels of motion that are creating that hour in perfection in your mind. I see the possibilities swim round in your brain, and I hear the buzzing of creation as you try out the ideas that would succinctly express what that hour would be like.


Do you know what you are doing in this moment? You are creating the next and the next. You are setting down a possible future and at the same time, you are expressing in this moment that, which is your idea of perfection.


Now take the idea in which you are engaged in this moment and see how it applies to that hour before ascension. Do you see room for improvement? Then create that change in your mind and see it in your inner vision. Now ask again if that is the best it can be. No, you say, it can still be better, it has to be, for this is not that hour and I know that by that time I will be ever so much more able to come up with a better vision.


What does that tell you? What is it that you would like for your future? How about creating that idea for right now; why must you wait for sometime in the future to create the perfection of tomorrow. How can you know what tomorrow will be like, when all your ideas about then are born in this Now moment? Is this Now moment not the perfect time to express the thought or idea that is born in this moment?


This is what you are coming into, my dear ones. This is the time when the only thing that matters is what is in the moment. Before these times of the latter days of duality there was plenty of room for the planning, the daydreaming, the looking forward to the times and events of tomorrow. Hasn’t it been fun to dream, plan and look forward?


Now try it. Now look at what takes place when you plan, dream, and look ahead. Does anything fit, or do you have that sense of loss, or of having missed some opportunity? Worry not that you have lost anything, for you can bring that idea back again and see it anew in this moment of creation, and live it now. Plan that move to another place and then make the first move in that direction, for if left to the area of daydreaming, the moment will be lost and you will find yourself running up against a stone wall, or an empty space left behind by the departing idea.


Do you see what I am getting at here? We live in the moment on our ships and on our planets. We live each moment one after the other in the inspiration of the moment just past. We see our lives newly created in every moment, and in that we create our perfection. In that way there are no missed roads, no broken promises, and no wasted energies. All is in perfection, and so there are no disappointments. We live in the joy of the moment and in that joy, what you have called miracles, are born.


Have you noticed yet how, despite your intricate plans many things are taking place that only could have come about through the allowance of the momentary inspiration? Have you followed the tried and true roads only to find that they either lead to a dead end, or to another thing altogether? That is how fast things are changing. That is how wonderfully the moment creates when followed to the tee. How could you follow any other way than ‘to a tee’, when the moment allows room and expression only for that one idea, rather than a carefully thought out sequence of events?


Know that you are remembering a whole different way of living life. Know that as you draw nearer to the truth of who you are and how you are getting to that who, life is taking on some new energy that both confounds and delights you. That is part of the different way that Nancy is approaching life with these messages. And that is why she has chosen to discontinue the readings that have been more personally indicated. She knows that no longer is she in her perfection when she involves herself with something that no longer feels a perfect fit.


That is why you will see that Nancy will be doing her Wake up Calls on a moment’s inspiration basis from now on. This is what she announced to herself today, and this is what has been born from her intent. She may do more than one in any day, and she may do only one or two in a week. It will depend on her momentary inspiration, and the circumstances of her life in any given moment.


In her life there is no longer a place for the planning of these messages, for that no longer fits her life. What does fit is anything that is born of the moment and that gives her joy, peace and love. That is why this Wake up Call is coming to you today. It is coming from her deep desire to share with all of you in the moment.


This is a blueprint for any of you who choose. This is a way to arrive at the hour before ascension and say I am exactly where I want to be at this time, and in the next moment I will be in the perfect place for that time. You won’t see any skid marks on the entrance to heaven, for there is no friction at the arrival there. The only skid marks are on the duality side of the road, and you are in that duality until you are not. Then you Are heaven and there is no longer any resistance to get in the way of the perfection of the moment.


I am Avenda, and with the closing of this message today, I wish to express my heartfelt love for you and for the support and love you have poured Nancy’s way. You have been beautiful inspiration for her, and she loves being in service to all of you, which is representation of service to herself. We’ve always answered when she asks how she can serve mankind, “By your example.” That is the shiniest path to truth that anyone can show. Be your beautiful self, and all will love that radiance shining back at them.


Thank you dear Avenda,

Love, Nancy Tate