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On the whisper of a Dove I bring to you today’s glad tidings. I bring to you yourself, and the only blessings that I bring are the ones that you have created, for there are none other. There is only the One, and with that One you will go as far as you desire, and then a bit further, for there is always that which is left for the excitement of the senses to disturb not the flight of fancy that wiles away the hours into the unknown. 


Realize that in this flight of fancy lies the timelessness. The hours I speak of is the measurement by which you transcend all time. They are the glass of destiny that brings a relevance between earthlife and Heaven. They are the yardstick by which you find the momentary lapse into the unknown and then recognize it as being Home.


As you enter into this place of measurement you will find it changing. You will find it to be meldable by your will, and you will find that your will also is meldable by that of the Creator. Having said that, I now say that your will and that of the Creator are one. Now you have combined your will with that of the Creator and rendered it all Home.


Do you feel at home? Do you find that you are on a journey that feels slightly familiar? Do you find the streets of your mind to be winding and full of familiar objects that seem at once strange and immovable, and then resilient to your touch floating away as feathers in a wind?


This is because you are changing your perspective on the measurements that you have used in the past. You are seeing that there is no threshold and that with the unlimitedness of ease the flow is continual and the blessings are mounting. There is a tendency now to look around and see at your feet, or in your presence that which you wished for a moment ago. Was it but a moment ago, or was it a century? Is there still time as we knew it, or is it all changed and pliable to our will?


The mere fact of the question brings the answer to mind, and that is that indeed you have crossed the threshold and in so doing you have rendered it obsolete and non-existent in your life. Congratulations, for you have found Home. You have come to the door and found it open, and the candle burning bright. You have accomplished that which you set out to do but a whisper ago, and now you find the absence of memory to be more and more a state of mind.


Did I mention that word, that elusive part of your humanness that you have found to be part of your changing persona? Memory! What is that which has been missing on one level, and prevalent on another? Is it now gone and the return of the recognition taking its place? Why are you not remembering the names, faces, and even events that once decorated your days? Are they gone and soon to be forgotten again, even for their presence in your lives at one time?


Worry not my sweet ones, for the memory of the 3rd dimensionality is changing as well. No longer is it relevant to remember the events of yesteryear when there is no relevance to the present moment. What does the memory of a movie seen yesteryear have to do with this moment in which you seek to choose a movie to watch and unknowing, pick that same one, but that has not been seen in the energy in which you choose it today? Does this moment not render it all brand new and fresh, allowing the moment to create in its own relevance?


The magic of the times is stirring to the senses and admonishing to the times. It is a reminder to see the moment for what it is. It is a matter of choosing anew and living that newness. What fun to bring something into your life that once gave you one perspective, and now gives you another because you are seeing it in a brand new recognition, without the debris of yesteryear.


I go now into the world of fantasy and make it my reality. My flight of fancy serves me to bring a magic into my life that renders me blessed. I am with you at all times and with that accompaniment I serve myself through your presence. There is nothing that we do now know about each other, and yet, if memory serves me, there is much to be explored and learned for the fun and enjoyment of new discovery. Come with me and join in the magic, for it is the reality in which we sit, and it can breed miracles that to us in the next moment are ordinary, magical events.


I Am Avenda, and I share with you my inner views of your outer world and render them all One. We are blessed and we are beautiful. Oh, and one more thing: Take a walk on the wild side and see what it brings. Bring all of that which you experience into your day and see what wild now means to the new you.


Thank you dear Avenda,

Love, Nancy Tate